Milk, soy milk, coconut milk, peanut milk and other plant milks, as long as these liquids have the word "milk", are they good for health if they drink it?

Be careful that some calories are high, and the more you drink, the fatter you will get. A picture to understand the main nutrition of all "milk"

With so many "milk" on the market, which is the real milk?

Plant milk is not the same as milk. Do you know every nutritional classification of "milk"?

Peanut milk: fats, calories 306.9kcal. Carbon water 31.8, protein 10.5, fat 15.3 (g).

Whole milk: milk, calories 189kcal. Carbohydrate 14.4, protein 9.3, fat 10.8 (g).

Almond milk: fats, calories 45kcal. Carbohydrate 1.74, protein 1.77, fat 3.3 (g).

It is recommended that ordinary people each morning and evening a cup of fresh milk (or yogurt, yogurt) to supplement calcium.