In our modern society, where technology is advanced and complex, there are many dangers (dangers), and we are living within these danger zones.

What is insurance?

The system of insurance economics is a part of risk control. It is an essential management technique for efficiently managing risks.

The process consists of:

Risk confirmation Risk analysis Risk control method selection Methodology of risk control Implementation and evaluation of outcomes

The difference between savings and insurance

Savings is the process of depositing money at an institution of finance to be prepared for "sudden circumstances" or "predictable situations."

However, savings will not be enough to cover the risk of major losses (such as personal accident injuries caused by cars).

You can only use up to the amount you have saved. (It takes years to save a lot of money) However, if you use insurance, you can get a big guarantee from the time you pay the insurance premium.

How to choose the right insurance company?

Before choose the right insurance company you should check some important things - License - Tariffs - Reputation - Conditions