See the top 50 cute anime girls who will melt your heart with their cuteness for sure.

Yukina Himeragi

She is a junior high school girl who is an apprentice "Kenshi" with high fighting power. she became the guardian of the main character, Akatsuki Kojo

Kanna kamui

She is a soft spoken and quite girl whose appearance like a dragon with two horns, white feathers and a tail.

Chris Yukine

She is a hybrid of a feminine body and a masculine personality. She is hot-headed, antagonistic and aggressive who don't trust people easily.

Sagiri Izumi

She is a girl who don't like to get along with others. She loves drawing. She is a quiet and very shy girl; she gets embarrassed very easily.

Kaoruko Moeta

She is a cute manga artist who works hard to please her fans. Her personality is negative, childish and she has a very weak mentality, but very serious about her work who never give up.


She was a poor beast girl who was sold to the slave market until the main character freed her. Although she is a young character, in the beginning, her appearance changes as she levels up.

Reo Igarashi

She is the oldest daughter who is also a leader of an idol group called "ChamJam". Even the she is an idol, she maintain her cute and humble attitude and always support the group.

Kosaki Onodera

Kosaki Onodera is one of the double heroines that appears in "Nisekoi". A character with different hairstyles on both sides. Kosaki is a very kind girl who is also caring.

Junko Konno

A 19-year-old zombie who was a member of the idol group "Franchouchou" of the idol anime "Zombie Land Saga" and once dominated the world as a Showa idol.

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