According to surveys and statistics of relevant persons, the relationship between blood type and marriage roughly has the following 13 combinations.

Type A husband and Type A wife

Both husband and wife are very conservative and cautious, but in occasions such as welcoming and welcoming with neighbors, the wife will bear it with one hand.

A-type husband and O-type wife

On the outside, it seems that the wife is more conspicuous, but on the inside, the husband is actually holding the rope controlled tightly.

Type A husband and AB type wife

Wives often act coquettishly to their husbands, and they are strong, so they will have ample mood to appreciate the unexpected actions of their wives.

Type O husband and type A wife

Suddenly, this is a husband and wife type with a man in power, but in fact, it is this type A wife who helped her husband stand up.

This is a couple without any emotional connection, like a combination of a dull husband and a keen wife.

O type husband and AB type wife