6 Korean favorite side dish combinations, how many have you eaten?

These are the favorite side dish combinations of Koreans recommended by the chef.

Using simple homemade techniques such as pickling, cold dressing, sautéing, and frying, turn vegetables into sour, sweet, spicy, and salty dishes with diverse tastes.

Koreans love to eat roasted pork because it has a strong taste. It is usually paired with lettuce and side dishes that are greasy. There will be no more meat in the side dishes.

Roasted Pork

(Raw scallion kimchi, cabbage kimchi, chive kimchi, pickled garlic in sweet and sour, radish kimchi, soy-sesame leaves)

Served with porridge and side dishes

The porridge has a lighter taste. Pairing with side dishes with heavy flavors and diverse ingredients can make a meal more flavorful and nutritious.

(Boiled beef with sauce, fried mung bean sprouts with pork slices, scallion kimchi, cold seaweed, roasted lotus root in sauce, quail egg potatoes in sauce, spicy sesame leaves)

Instant noodles

Generally, there are more side dishes when eating noodles, but when eating instant noodles, because the taste of instant noodles is strong, the side dishes will be easier to eat.

(The most common side dishes are shredded radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi, and Korean yellow radish. An appetizing and convenient combination.)


This set is a vegetable dish commonly eaten in temple practice. You can also remove the garlic and other spices to make a vegan side dish.

(Stir-fried seasonal vegetables, black beans in soy sauce, spicy garlic sprouts, green vegetables in miso sauce, sesame lettuce salad, Korean fried tofu, spicy cucumber, bracken in sesame sauce)

Standing side dishes

The side dishes here can be stored for a long time. They are the most common dishes in Korean mothers’ refrigerators. They can be easily eaten anytime.

(Kimchi with radish water, kimchi with white radish, glutinous rice pepper in soy sauce, sesame leaves in soy sauce, Korean yellow radish, yuzu radish, pickled garlic in sweet and sour, chive kimchi)


It’s very convenient to have side dishes in the refrigerator, and you can eat them when you eat. You can also make a luxurious and hearty bento if you assemble the side dishes.

(Roasted peanuts with burdock sauce, comprehensive pancake plate, fried cucumber with minced beef, hemp egg, fried scorpionfish with nuts, stuffed boneless chicken nuggets, fried kimchi with tuna)