Keratin hair restoration is a hair care procedure that gives it smoothness, density and shine by saturating it with a special composition with keratin.

Advertisements for keratin treatment hair products claim to straighten and smooth naturally curly or wavy hair.

Although it is a natural protein, these products are made with several other additional ingredients. Keratin treatment usually involves a chemical called formaldehyde.

Some people are more sensitive to this chemical. Formaldehyde may increase the risk of some cancers over time.

Medical reviews point out that it is associated with an increased risk of nasal cancer and blood cancer leukemia.

The product is also said to remove curly hair, improve color and shine, and make hair look healthier. In addition, this treatment can have some unwanted side effects, which can lead to safety issues.

Potential side effects

– eye irritation – headaches – dizziness – sore throat – coughing – wheezing – nausea – chest pain – vomiting – rash

Both the stylists who offered keratin treatments and consumers who had them have reported side effects.

Formaldehyde is also found in some beauty products, industrial products and household products, including:

– Manicure – Nail glue and remover – Hair glue – Hair dye – Hair shampoo – Household goods – plastic – paint – Cleaning products – Textiles – Pesticides

Formaldehyde-free Label

Five of the brands tested positive for formaldehyde in the above study were listed as free of formaldehyde.

This indicates that the manufacturer may not be accurate when labeling the product. Some companies also list formaldehyde with other names. Formaldehyde is listed as follows:

– aldehyde – Bonded aldehyde – formalin – Formic acid aldehyde – Methanediol – Metanal – Methyl aldehyde – Methylene glycol – Methylene oxide – Morbicid acid

Other options

Keratin treatments help improve the look and feel of hair. Other more natural treatments also help make the hair look smoother and silkier.

Natural moisturizers help keep your hair and scalp healthy. Try the following products:

– Olive oil – Argan oil – Coconut oil – Shea butter – Sunflower oil

 The treatments may sound like a quick fix for frizzy hair, but they can be costly in the long run. Tests show that keratin treatment contains unsafe levels of formaldehyde and other chemicals.

Ask your hairdresser what kind of keratin treatment they use before you book your appointment. Check the label carefully. Look for other safer or more natural alternatives to straighten your hair.