If you don't know, Picuki is an online free tool that allows you to download all the photos and pictures of an IG( Instagram) account online.

What is Picuki?

The cool part is that you don't need to log in or register to download an image from a specific ID. You can also edit the downloaded photo online.

Picuki also has some fantastic big features like; you can edit other people's post photos online, whether it is set filters, crop, adjust saturation, contrast, etc., you can all.

When something is made available to us for free, many questions arise in our minds. Such as trust, safety and privacy. Which is very important for a user.

Is Picuki safe & anonymous?

If you are using the Picuki tool, this question must have come to your mind at some point in time.

Yes it is, browsing Instagram anonymously is a legal, safe, and simple way of enjoying everything about Instagram without unnecessary mishaps.

Is Picuki legal and safe?

Is Picuki  anonymous?

Many people who use Picuki believe that the tool doesn't hide our privacy. But it is anonymous, you can see photo and stories without leaving footprints.

What happens to your footprints?

Usually, on Instagram, when you look at a story, you get a footprint. When you watch an Instagram story on Picuki, there are no footprints.

Whatever it is, Picuki is a very amazing tool; you can do many Instagram related activities. So you take advantage of this tool without any hesitation.

If you don't know how to use this tool, click below. There step by step guide has been given about different methods.