GigaChad Ernest Khalimov: Does he even exist?

Biography of GigaChad

Ernest Khalimov - only the name is more than enough. Chad is a kind of slang people usually use all over the internet for a  handsome, dashing, confident, and young white male.

Primarily, there is Chad, then gets to GigaChad, and then shows up with Ernest Khalimov, a 52 years old Russian model.

However, his nickname is GigaChad, people consider him more than a GigaChad.

On 1st March 1969 in Moscow, Russia, he was born. He grew up in Russia also. He is a Christian by birth, and his zodiac sign is Pisces.

Is Ernest Khalimov a real person?

There are a lot of rumors about Ernest over the internet. First, if Ernest Khalimov is real or just a creation?