How to keep the smell fresh and pleasant at home and keep it comfortable

Home is a place for us to rest. A fresh home will relax people’s spirits. A Nobel Prize-winning study found that after smelling a pleasant scent , our mood may improve by 40%.In daily life, we need to ensure that the smell at home is pleasant, and we need to clean up the source of … Read more

Lemongrass can be used for cooking and for external use. The health benefits are endless

Lemongrass green tea in summer and Lemongrass ginger tea in winter. The drink made with lemongrass is tangy and fragrant. It is a delightful taste! Lemongrass, which is rich in nutrition and has a pleasant flavor, is a suitable food material throughout the year, and it has many effects and methods of use. If you … Read more

Water Saver Drought Relief Strategy Everyone can live a green life, save money, protect the environment

“If you have water, you should think about the suffering of no water.” If no measures are taken, the human water shortage in 2030 will reach 40%. Recently, some counties and cities in Taiwan continue to pull water shortage alert, section water save resources has become more pressing in the Meiji. This article summarizes the suggestions of provincial water experts, … Read more

When to change the pot? the right way to choose flower pots for raising seeds

Everyone likes flowers. It is good to be able to fold the branches and put in a bottle. Potted ornamental flowers are even better. The beautiful potted flowers are placed on the doorstep, and guests can feel the host’s life interest before entering the door. From potted flowers and potted green plants to large fruit tree seedlings, it is important … Read more

Solutions to plastic pollution: how to get rid of plastic waste?

Plastic – The management of solid waste, which has a devastating effect on the environment, has now emerged as a major problem facing the world. Plastic has played a leading role in this. Because it has become so deeply ingrained in our way of life that we can’t even think of getting rid of it. … Read more

Water Importance: Saving Water for Future Generation

Saving Water is most important Many people know that water is called a “universal solvent“. This is because water accounts for about 70 percent of the world’s volume. In the same way, more than 70 percent of our body’s water is dissolved. About 90% of our water is in the oceans and oceans. Of the … Read more