What happens if you swallow mouthwash? Side effects and Symptoms

What happens if you swallow mouthwash? The short answer to the question “What happens if I swallow mouthwash?”  Is, it depends. Results differ depending on how much you swallow, the content of the product, and your personal sensitivities. All mouthwashes are different. Some contain high concentrations of alcohol. Alcohol is used to kill bacteria, preserve the product, and keep all … Read more

There are 5 common base oils that are easy to use to open scars and improve peeling

essential oil is often required with carrier oils mixed, and the effectiveness of carrier oils themselves no less. For example, jojoba oil can stabilize eczema skin and maintain the scalp; calendula oil has the effect of diminishing scars. The 5 most common base oils you must know before using essential oils Most essential oils are not suitable for direct application on the skin, so they are usually … Read more

What is a Low Grade Fever? Causes, Signs, Treatment

Low-grade fever It feels a little hot, but I think you may have been worried that you might start catching a cold. Low grade fever is a condition that is slightly higher than normal fever for a certain period of time.  Possible causes include illnesses such as colds, changes in physical condition, and the effects of … Read more

Beetroot Benefits: Beetroot is also beneficial for patients with anemia to sugar, know its benefits

Beetroot Benefits Beetroot is a medicinal plant that is also helpful in low-blood pressure diabetes, and memory. By eating as much red beet as red beet, you will become equally red. Yes, if you eat beetroot, then you will not lack blood. Beetroot improves your skin along with your health. Drinking beet juice keeps your … Read more

blind pimple | HOW TO GET RID ?

How to get rid of redness of pimples immediately I want to tell you how to eliminate the redness of pimples immediately. *I have a wart or cyst/pimple on my arm. It has shrunk for several months, from large and red to small/pink. What is it? *I am 25(M), but people think that in my early 30s, … Read more

How to lose weight in two week The latest strategy.

everyone who wants to lose weight in 2020 Studies on the causes of obesity, weight loss knowledge, and various weight loss diets are updated annually.(How to lose weight in two week) However, due to the update of knowledge and the introduction of weight loss drugs one after another, the obesity rate is increasing year by … Read more

How to eat supper to be healthy? 5 delicious “late night cafeteria”

To be honest, do you often give yourself a “supper” in the middle of the night, and you are distress by the increase in your weight , so click in to see if you have any good ideas? Maybe you are a busy office worker working late into the night every day and want to drive away the … Read more

[Tips] Is baking soda all? You should know (2)

Many people are accustomed to thinking that laundry detergent has lots of bubbles to have a strong cleaning power, but they don’t know that laundry detergent will add color, bleach, fluorescent substances, etc., which can cause allergies to the skin; To strengthen its cleaning power, chemical synthesis is used. Surfactants can cause residues that affect … Read more