Why is my period late? Irregular Periods

Many women will experience the experience of menstruation coming earlier or later than planned. Most menstrual irregularities are unnoticeable, but some illnesses may be lurking on the other hand. Here, we will explain the causes of delayed menstruation and disordered cycles, how to deal with them, and guidelines for visiting a hospital. Disclaimer of Health … Read more

Fat after menopause? Eating vegetables to lose weight

People may find that as they grow older, especially after menopause, their posture is getting better, especially the waist and abdomen are prone to grow fat. Don’t worry; eating a lot of vegetables can increase metabolism and help you get rid of meat. So, how to lose weight eating vegetables and what need to be … Read more

How to keep the smell fresh and pleasant at home and keep it comfortable

Home is a place for us to rest. A fresh home will relax people’s spirits. A Nobel Prize-winning study found that after smelling a pleasant scent , our mood may improve by 40%.In daily life, we need to ensure that the smell at home is pleasant, and we need to clean up the source of … Read more

Doing 3 actions a day can thin the lower abdomen and improve gastroesophageal reflux

Life stress and lower abdomen obesity are the two major causes of gastroesophageal reflux. Exercise can not only relieve stress, but also reduce weight, which is a good way to improve this disease. This article is taught by a medical doctor how to use simple movements to increase muscle and thin abdomen , and then … Read more

Lemongrass can be used for cooking and for external use. The health benefits are endless

Lemongrass green tea in summer and Lemongrass ginger tea in winter. The drink made with lemongrass is tangy and fragrant. It is a delightful taste! Lemongrass, which is rich in nutrition and has a pleasant flavor, is a suitable food material throughout the year, and it has many effects and methods of use. If you … Read more

6 tips for mosquito prevention in the courtyard

In summer, the epidemic eased slightly, and finally you can go outdoors to breathe, gather with friends, barbecue in the garden , watch the moon on the terrace , chat by the pool, and even camp in the wild. But there is another hard job in the summer, which is the offensive and defensive battle … Read more

Low efficiency? 5 strategies to help you reverse your work dilemma

To effectively improve work efficiency, we must start with ourselves and listen to our mental state to make adjustments. Why can’t we improve the phenomenon of being chased by work after working hard? Is there not enough time? Is there too much? Josh Davis, Ph.D. in Psychology, Columbia University. After research, Davis put forward 5 … Read more

How to grow taller as a kid? Explain important points

Many children who play soccer are thinking, “I want to grow taller!” How can I grow taller? In this article, we’ll consider ways and points to grow taller. Please refer to this if you are a child or a guardian who wants to grow taller regardless of whether they are boys or girls. Points to grow taller The … Read more