High School DxD Season 5: Release Date and Characters

High School DxD is an Japanese manga that has been made into a variety of successful spin-offs and anime series since the year 2012. Since 2012, in Japan, High School DxD has a large following Manga lovers are constantly waiting for the next season of High School DxD. The series has had four seasons been … Read more

Martial Universe Season 3 Release date (Wu Dong Qian Kun)

After the Martial Universe Season 2, fans are eagerly waiting for Martial Universe Season 3. But is season 3 even renewed or announced? After season 2, fans liked it even more, and the show became more popular. And at the end of season 2, there was a teaser that excited fans so much. So that … Read more

Scumbag System Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Plot

In the year 2019, the creator Mo Xiang Xiang Tong Xiu released an unorthodox manga set in the tradition of the hit, which was a surprise to the opinions of the readers. Despite its “youth” the manga instantly attracted readers of the genre, and led to the adaptation. The project premiered in 2021. The date of release … Read more

Quanzhi Fashi Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Plot

In 2016 The adaptation to the book “Full-Time Mage” was released on television. A lot of critics who have watched the screened Chinese anime commented that the writers enticed the viewers. Every chapter concludes with the most exciting ending and makes the viewers worry about the story to come. This happened the last time. Everyone is now wondering the date … Read more

Maid Sama Season 2: Will it Ever Return? Why was it Cancelled?

Maid sama (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) is one of the most popular rom-com anime by far. The anime got an adoptation by JC.Staff and aired between April and September 2010. It’s IMDb rating is 8.0, not bad huh… This show is filled with comedy and romance, which is very much interesting to watch. It is been … Read more

10 Isekai Anime with OP MC: You Should definitely Watch

Isekai is a very popular genre in anime and loved by otaku across the world. Where a main character reincarnate in a another world and continue his/her adventure. Viewers love this mainly because of fascinating story and adventure. Each year there are dozens of isekai anime maid. There are many popular iskai anime like Re:Zer0, … Read more

Top 10 Best Anime Waifu: Who Will Steal Your Heart for Sure

Within the otaku community it is somewhat common to hear the concepts waifu and husbando, which are linked to a deep idealization of the fictional characters of manga, anime and video games. If you are an otaku then you probably have some cute anime girls or lovable female anime character A.K.A your waifu. Well it is common for anime lover to … Read more

Top 50 Cute Anime Girls [Most Beautiful Girls, Age, Hight, VA]

Who doesn’t like anime? After all, it gives us some time to get rid of this nonsense reality. If you watch anime, you must have fallen in love with some cute anime girl by now. Well it is not your fault, how can someone even resist? A lot of anime is born every cool, also … Read more

Bleach Filler List Guide, Arcs and Major Episodes

Bleach is a another popular Shonen anime loved by many viewers around the world. It started airing on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2012. In march 2006 Viz Media obtain the rights and started to broadcast it from September 2006 to January 2015 on Adult Swim. It has total number of 366 episodes … Read more