Study motivation: 17 surefire tips For Every Students

Study motivation is difficult to achieve for a long time in a row. At times the routine of studying can become boring, tedious and demotivating. Even with a definite goal, like passing a contest, it’s hard to keep up. It is at these times that some tips on how to be motivated to study can make all … Read more

Ash Kaashh: The Social Media Influencer And Tiktok Star

Who doesn’t know Ash kaashh? The famous Tiktok star is also a social media influencer. She is a professional nail artist too. She remains highly active on Instagram and has millions of followers. She is always the talk of the town due to her hot photos. She is also the receiver of backlash from social … Read more

Michael Oher Wife, Siblings, Kids & Net Worth 2022

Michael Oher (born Michael Jerome Williams Jr.) is an aggressive American football tackle born May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He is one of the most famous athletes and celebrities. He was the subject of Michael Lewis’s book “The Blind Side”, which later turned into a movie about his life and career released in 2009. … Read more

Maid Sama Season 2: Will it Ever Return? Why was it Cancelled?

Maid sama (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) is one of the most popular rom-com anime by far. The anime got an adoptation by JC.Staff and aired between April and September 2010. It’s IMDb rating is 8.0, not bad huh… This show is filled with comedy and romance, which is very much interesting to watch. It is been … Read more

Top 50 Cute Anime Girls [Most Beautiful Girls, Age, Hight, VA]

Who doesn’t like anime? After all, it gives us some time to get rid of this nonsense reality. If you watch anime, you must have fallen in love with some cute anime girl by now. Well it is not your fault, how can someone even resist? A lot of anime is born every cool, also … Read more

How to keep the smell fresh and pleasant at home and keep it comfortable

Home is a place for us to rest. A fresh home will relax people’s spirits. A Nobel Prize-winning study found that after smelling a pleasant scent , our mood may improve by 40%.In daily life, we need to ensure that the smell at home is pleasant, and we need to clean up the source of … Read more

How to Identify Seashells: Type of Seashells

The allure of the seashell collection is due, in large part, to the extremely wide range of their different colors and shapes. There are several hundred varieties of seashells found all over the world. In just one visit to the beach, you can see cockles, clams, conches and live mollusks, to name a few. Knowing a few basic … Read more

Is college hard? Is college as difficult as they say?

Is college hard? Many people think that college is hard. But how true it is? Does people says it from their experience? Does every college pass out think the same way? Finally! We have already finished high school, finished the damn EvAU, received the grades and we have the enrollment done for our university. It … Read more