Engage Kiss Season 2 Release Date: What Happens Next?

Engage Kiss Season 2 Release Date

When will Engage Kiss Season 2 be released? Created by Fumiaki Maruto, Engage Kiss is an anime that is romantic and comedy set in the world of Shu Ogata, a private military business owner who lives within Byron City. The city’s residents are provided with a luxurious and comfortable life thanks to a recently discovered source of energy.

However, despite having a successful private venture, the young demon hunter is struggling to pay the bills and must enlist the assistance of his demon friend Kisara to assist with the budget. Apart from working together to defend the city from monsters, they help with household chores.

However, fighting demons can be the cost of personal sacrifice that Shuu and Kisara discover only after a long time. An anime series created through A-1 Pictures should serve as the basis for a mobile game known as Engage Kill. Although critics have had mixed opinions about the game, the fans of anime are eager to know more about its return after the end of the first season. If you’re wondering whether the show will return for the possibility of an Engage Kiss season 2, we’ve put together the most up-to-date information regarding the sequel to the series.

Will there be a Engage Kiss Season 2?

If you’re an anime fan and eagerly anticipate its return, it’s likely to be an extended waiting. A-1 Pictures has not yet officially renewed the show. There are speculations on the internet suggesting that we could see an update around January 2023 for the same.

However, even if these speculations prove accurate, Engage Kiss season 2 isn’t expected to be released anytime soon. The show received a disappointing global reception, with the average online ratings across platforms.

So ultimately, it would be important for the anime to be successful domestically. In the event that this happens, an additional reason for delaying the release could be Studio A-1 Pictures’ numerous commitments for 2023 and having so much work scheduled for the next year.

Then, A-1 Pictures will likely prioritize Lycoris Recoil as a different action-oriented comedy on the summer anime list that was superior to Engage Kiss.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Release Date

Although the ratings for the show were average, they’re not so bad that it should be ended, so the viewers can still expect the possibility of a return.

The Season 1 finale, The Unresolved Grand Finale, indicates the creators’ apparent desire to develop the plot further.

But, even if the show is renewed in the upcoming months, Studio A-1 Pictures’ busy schedule will delay its release until further into the future, as mentioned earlier. In light of all the factors mentioned above that are in play, Engage Kiss season 2 will likely air in the second half of 2024 or even early 2025.

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Season 2 Plot

In the Season 1 season finale, Kisara, Ayano, Shuu Ayano, Shuu, and Sharon attempt to capture the live Kanna, who is distraught. While Kisara does her best to do her best, losing memories has profoundly affected her. But she is determined to put her faith in Shuu to save her own life, and in the end, Kisara can overcome Kanna by herself. When Shuu discovers her sister in her rubble, she makes her way to the city to battle the evil demons.

Gangna gets sealed on the bottom in City Hall, and work is underway within the city to fix the damage. The following night, Shuu takes Kisara to his house, and they begin to kiss. However, Kisara quickly realizes that they’re not the only ones. It appears that Kanna is missing away from City Hall again. Ayano quickly arrives at the apartment to search for her, too, and a friendly battle is fought between the three, as Shuu must watch in horror.

Perhaps, within Engage Kiss season 2, viewers will get to know more about the demon realm and, finally, the reason Kanna is the portal between two worlds could be explained.

Additionally, Kisara is expected to work harder to gain her past memories restored. But her bond with Shu will likely strengthen despite their challenges. The coming season is expected to be more focused specifically on Ayano and Sharon, who are now a part of Shu’s group.

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