Quantum Leap (2022) reboot: Release Date 

Quantum Leap (2022) reboot: Release Date 

Can the reboot of the Quantum Leap series after 30 years be able to be as popular as the beloved original series?

More than 30 years since it was the time that Quantum Leap TV series went on the air, NBC’s reboot of the popular NBC series – which is a blend of comedy, adventure science-fiction, and drama finally set to air.

Quantum Leap, starring Scott Bakula, was a hit in the cult for five seasons before the controversial finale in 1993. The new series aims to maintain the original’s story and spirit while advancing the technology and concerns of modern-day viewers.

The plot of the series

Each episode of the original Quantum Leap began the same manner, with Dr Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) awake, looking in the mirror, and uttering, “Oh my God!” …” when the doctor realized he was now inhabiting another person’s body and living in the past. The story behind Quantum Leap was that Sam was frustrated with the inability of numerous attempts to demonstrate the existence of time travelling and decided to jump into the realm of a “quantum booster” to become the initial test subjects. And he did not die, and the experiment worked!

Sam was able to time travel but was “jumping” in the bodies of those from the past. Although he appeared normal to himself and the hologram of his guide and friend, Admiral Al Calavicci, he had to be in another’s body until he rectified his mistakes in the past.

Al offered the crucial details about the events of each episode using his pocket computer Ziggy. When Sam’s honesty and generosity made everything right, he was able to jump into a different body. The show was ended in controversy, and Dr Sam Beckett never returned to his former life.

In the reboot’s pilot, the scientist Dr Ben Song (Raymond Lee) is able to restart his Quantum Leap Project while trying to comprehend the machine that Dr Beckett left behind. But when he performs a leap into the past. Then Addison Augustine (Caitlin Bassett) starts to talk to her hologram, similar to the hologram of former Dean Stockwell in the original Ben’s sole connection back to his present.

Release date of the series Quantum Leap (2022)

The new season of “Quantum Leap” (Episode 1 is known as “July 13 1985”) is scheduled to air on September 19 2022. At present, just 4 episodes have been recorded. Most likely, there will be new shows released each week on Mondays.

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Who is in the cast of the Quantum Leap (2022) reboot?

One of the biggest differences between the reboot as well as initial Quantum Leap is that the new show will present viewers with the present period. The only characters who appeared regularly in the first series comprised Bakula and Stockwell, and the entire show were entirely set in the past.

However, the reboot will showcase more of the high-tech world that Dr Song has left behind. Raymond Lee plays Dr Ben Song, an accomplished quantum physicist whose curiosity drives him to make use of the quantum leap device.

As the head of the Quantum Leap Project, Herbert “Magic” Williams is constantly in a battle between the support of Ben and his team and the satisfaction of his superiors. Ernie Hudson, who played Williams, was most well-known for his performance in the role of Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters.

Nanrisa Lee portrays Jenn Chow, a quirky but formidable digital security expert charged with figuring out the reasons Ben took his leap.

Caitlin Bassett portrays Army veteran Ben sole contact is Addison Augustine.

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