Your Honor Season 2 Release Date: What We Can Expect

Release date2022
GenreDrama, Crime
Number of episodesten
Studios/TV channelsshowtime
ActorsCranston Bryan, Stuhlbarg Michael, Ejogo Karmen
KP rating8.00
Kinopoisk Rating7.56
IMDB rating7.60

When Your Honor Season 2 going to release? Your Honor was created by Peter Moffat, an English screenwriter, and playwright of Undercover fame. It is a dark and entertaining television series about legal drama.

The story is based on The Judge in Israel and follows Michael, a New Orleans judge, and Adam, who are caught up in a web filled with lies and misery. Adam accidentally kills a teenager. Adam’s father requests that he turn himself into court. The discovery influenced the judge’s decision to change his mind that the victim was the son of a mafia boss.

He attempts to forge evidence, but it will prove disastrous for his son and him. The series received mixed reviews from critics and fans after its premiere in 2020. Here’s the latest information about Season 2 of Your Honor.

Your Honor Season 2 Release Date

The series was initially intended to be a mini-series. However, the positive reception led the creators to abandon the idea and make the series a regular series. Showtime renewed the series on August 24, 2021, six months after its first season finale.

Pre-production and script writing for the second season are ongoing. However, we do not have any news on the beginning of filming. We hope the film crew will return early in 2022. The filming schedule for the first series shows that it will take approximately 5-6 months to finish filming. Your Honor Season 2 will premiere in the summer/fall of 2022, barring any unforeseen delays. The second season will feature 10 episodes.

What will season 2 be about?

Season 1’s tense finale raises many questions from the audience. The episode opens with Elizabeth telling Adam all about her mother’s extramarital affairs. Big Mo is shocked when Lee admits to believing that Kofi was innocent. During the trial, Carlo claims that Rocco was killed in self-defense.

Fiona, however, doesn’t believe Carlo’s testimony. Adam and Michael’s meticulously constructed lies crumble. Lee is able to see the truth in Adam’s attack against Rocco and confronts Michael. Eugene is prevented from testifying by Eugene while Eugene attempts to exterminate Carlo at the party. Eugene shoots Adam inadvertently instead.

After the Season 1 finale, Season 2 of Your Honor will continue with the story. The most shocking question at the first season’s conclusion was whether Adam was alive or dead. As Eugene, Kofi’s brother, accidentally shoots Adam, and karma takes over. Retribution only breeds more violence, and lies only breed more lies. In the second season, we will see more of the cautionary tales of innocence and lies.

Adam will be able to escape the situation, which I am hopeful. But that’s not all. He will soon receive the full payment for his evil deed. The first season ends with Charlie, Nancy, and Lee realizing a grain. Michael will be the one to save his prodigal son.

Michael and Adam will need to resolve additional issues, and the father-son relationship may be affected as the season progresses. As tensions between the main characters rise, you can rest assured that the season will be darker.

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Interesting Facts

  • The series was directed by Konstantin Statsky. He filmed “Bridge”, “Polar”, “Trotsky”.
  • A. Bezenkov, M. Romantsov worked on the script with the participation of E. Mavromatis.
  • The main role of Judge Romanov went to Oleg Menshikov. He has many good roles to his credit. This is Guro in Gogol, Arsentiev in Burnt by the Sun. In the original, the referee was played by Yoram Khattab. The American adaptation starred Bryan Cranston.
  • Anton was played by Vladislav Miller. This is his debut dramatic role. Prior to that, he acted in episodes. In foreign adaptations, the role was played by Erez Oved and Hunter Duane.

Your Honor Season 2 Actors and Roles

Mikhail Yuryevich Romanov (O. Menshikov) – judge.

Anton (V. Miller) is the son of Mikhail.

Razin (A. Serebryakov) is a crime boss. The father of the boy who was injured in the accident.

Anna Sergeevna Polyakova (O. Tumaykina) – investigator of the investigative committee.

Oleg Krasnov (R. Bershauer) is Mikhail’s friend.

Nora (V. Poltorak) – Oleg’s wife.

Varvara Ilyinichna (E. Germanova) is the mother of Marina, Mikhail’s wife.

Eric (Kh. Tatarov) is the guy who helps hide the car.

Dina Minaeva (D. Ursulyak) is Romanov’s former secretary.

Daniil (S. Dvoinikov) is the son of Razin.

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