Who is Larry Wheels Girlfriend in 2022?

Who is Larry Wheels Girlfriend

Larry Wheels was born December 3, 1994. He is an American professional powerlifter, bodybuilder, strongman, Youtuber and social media influencer. He holds the powerlifting world record. After breakup with Nicole Drinkwater everyone wants to know about his current girlfriend.

Who Is Larry Wheels New Girlfriend? Dating Life Now

Larry Wheels doesn’t currently have a girlfriend. He seems to be single. He hasn’t posted any information about his girlfriend on his Instagram account.

Larry may not be ready to start a relationship right now, as he recently ended a relationship. The couple used to post on Instagram quite often. However, they ended their relationship.

Before Larry Wheels fell for Drinkwater, he was still dating Chelsea King. Everything went smoothly until King accused her of her odd actions.

Larry Wheels Breakup

Nicole Drinkwater and Larry Wheels’ breakup. We have witnessed them grow stronger over the past two decades. Since 2019, they have been romantically involved. Nicole, Larry’s girlfriend rose to fame shortly after she started dating Larry. In 2019, Larry was confronted with several allegations. Nicole responded boldly to each one. Later, she was named Larry’s girlfriend. This announcement shocked fans. They have all been following their relationship closely. Fans prayed for their love and wished them lots of happiness.

Her devoted fans were saddened and devastated, and they began to wonder about their relationship. The recent videos revealed a woman who looked completely different from the one before, and they were shocked to learn that Larry had not even mentioned her in any of the videos. As gossips quickly spread on social media, people speculated about what might have happened in two weeks.

They seem content enough, but they are moving slower than usual when living together under one another’s roofs.

Nicole’s videos confirm their breakup. However, they haven’t confirmed anything because of other personal issues. For example, his accusers claimed that he beat him up until he separated from her last year. People speculated about what might have happened, but she now claims those accusations are false.

They are no longer together, but they did not split up. We will not know for sure if the duo has officially parted ways until we hear back from them or witness evidence with someone else.

Larry was also a mate with Chelsea King, who accused him of being abusive towards her. This happened before Larry met Nicole.

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