Saylor Guilliams Story & Murder Theories: Everything You need to Know

Saylor Guilliams Story & Murder

What’s the latest news on what’s happening with the Saylor Guilliams investigation? Let’s discuss this mystery and the possible motives for the murder. Find out everything about Saylor Guilliams’ tale and murder theories in this piece. On the 20th of March, a woman who was lost for four consecutive days was discovered alive on The West Virginia side of the Greenbrier River.

Brenden Vega, age 22, from Ventura, was found on the lower Cold Spring Trail in Montecito. It was while hiking along with his buddy, Saylor Guilliams and her friend Brenden both fell.

A woman believed to be missing was discovered on the West Virginia side of the Greenbrier River. Saylor Guilliams and her hiking Partner were found in close proximity to Saylor Guilliams’s former location in Kentucky’s Tangerine Falls.

According to reports, both of them were severely injured. The hiker, Partner Vega, was afflicted with a serious arm injury, but the injury healed. But it wasn’t over there because he was later discovered dead in a different location.

The investigation has led to different claims about whether he passed away due to an injury or if he was murdered.

Saylor Guilliams Full Story & Murder Theories

Saylor Guilliams Story & Murder Theories

Here are the full details of how the whole incident.

Saylor Guilliams was walking with her friend Brendan the night before this incident. A few days later, they had disappeared and were never discovered and declared missing. When they last discovered, Saylor Guilliams and her trek partner Brenda Vega were seriously injured. According to reports, they both were thrown off the trail.

Saylor Guilliams’s ankles and wrists were broken, while Vega was suffering a serious arm injury, but the man was able to find some strength to seek help. However, he wasn’t in a position to return after falling 20-30 feet off a slick cliff.

The next day, a trekker group found Brenden Vega’s body around 10:00 a.m. On Monday. The wounded woman, just a couple of hours after the incident, was in a different trail area. She was severely injured, trapped, and couldn’t move.

According to some sources, Guilliams appeared dehydrated as well as suffered from broken bones. She was in areas where it was quite hard to spot anyone.

Fortunately for her, she got spotted by hikers who helped her after helping Brenden Vega, her hiking partner who passed away.

In the wake of these events, additional information from Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department reported that one Ventura resident was discovered dead on Monday at Montecito’s Cold Spring Trail of Montecito.

Today, people aren’t convinced that he died in an accident. However, a minority believe he was murdered. However, the investigators have concluded that Brenden Vega’s death was due to an accident on a rocky slope.

Is Saylor Guilliams still alive?

After the hiking accident that occurred shortly after Saylor Guilliams was taken to hospital and received the proper treatment, she is now recovering. Unfortunately, her hiker Brenden Vega couldn’t recover from a severe injury to his arm, but he stepped up and called to seek assistance.

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