10 Ugly Cartoon Characters You Should Know

Who doesn’t like watching cartoons? Almost everyone must have seen cartoons in their life and should also watch them. Cartoons are very entertaining and funny. That is why along with children, adults also watch them. Along with the story in the cartoon, all the characters take that story forward. If we look at the cartoons, their drawing looks like a standard American cartoon. There are many beautiful characters in them too, but there are some characters whose form is not so good. Today we will learn and see about those ugly cartoon characters so keep reading to the end. This article doesn’t rank them based of ugliness, I just put them in random order.

10 Ugly Cartoon Characters

10. Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland

Queen of Hearts
Image Credits: Wikipedia

The Queen of Hearts is someone that we hear about throughout the film. When we take a good glimpse of her, we see an older, red-faced woman with a heavier set. She looks like the animated Miss Trunchbull, but with the crown. She is one of the ugly cartoon character I know.

9. Angela – Family Guy

Image Credits: Fandom

If fatso Peter Griffin is repulsed by someone, then you know they are less-than-attractive. If male acceptance of sexual advances is a sign of sexual sexiness in general, Angela from Family Guy has a low sexiness score after a ten-year dry streak. The plain exterior of her basic suit and a sexy but not as attractive hairdo, librarian style, doesn’t help her overall lack of attraction. In addition, she suffers from gingivitis, which is aggressive.

8. Peppermint Patty

Image Credits: Fandom

Peppermint Patty comes next on our list. You probably know this character; her full name is Patricia Reichardt. She is the main character of the strip Peanuts comic by Charles M. Schulz. She is not that good-looking. She isn’t very attentive and is hard to be around. Because of his big nose, no one is attracted to him. But still, she keeps on trying. She’s quite a troublemaker. But still, she is a very seat character that everyone loves.

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7. Loretta Brown – Family Guy

 Loretta Brown - Ugly Cartoon Characters
Image Credits: Fandom

This list includes Loretta Brown of the family guy series. She’s rotund, has an evil stare, and she’s got an awkwardly big head. Peter disliked her so much that he killed her with an ostracized skeleton onto her. She is one of the ugly cartoon characters out there.

6. Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead
Image credits: Dribble

As the name suggests, it’s an ugly name, as does the character. The show is made up of two unintelligent inept couch potatoes. They lack social skills, and when at school, they trigger lots of fracases as well. At home, they consume food and watch.

Apart from looking not only ugly, they are also hazardous and can be harmful to one another. They lack the ability to read or write and look like they’re emotionless and also.

Mike Judge developed this American animated television show. It is a satirical look at two cartoon characters who have no regard for one another and are not under the supervision of an adult.

5. Edna Mode

The character is a fictional character from The Incredibles. The character was developed as a voiced character by Brad Bird. She is a comical and outrageous costume and developed a disdain for superheroes that seem to be in control of her world.

She enjoys attracting all the attention of others and is looking to be ahead of fashion and fashion. Her stunning appearance, however, some call her an unattractive cartoon.

4. Olive Oyl

Image Credits: Twitter

In this list, we have included a character from a famous show Popeye the Sailor Man, Olive Oyl. We all must have seen this show in childhood. Well, Olive Oyl is a female character who has an ugly body. She is selfish, insensitive, and also annoyed. This Ugly Cartoon Character created by Fleischer Studios is perfect for this list.

3. Lunchlady Doris – The Simpsons

Image Credits: Twitter

Lunch ladies are typically not sexually attractive; however, Doris takes it to an entirely new level in The Simpsons. The matronly smock, locks (once again but not one of the hot librarian impressions), as well as her cigarette that hangs from her mouth that is scowling, and linebacker body doesn’t make up for the imposing appearance. Incredibly, she did not have any love interest on the show; though she enjoyed her time on the show, she also got greased up Groundskeeper Willy, and we can at least know what team she is on. She also serves as the school nurse and has succeeded in killing our fantasies of sexy nurses. To add to that, she’s a horrible cook.

2. Hebert the Pervert

Image Credits: Twitter

Hebert Pervert Pervert can be described as one of the characters on the TV animated series Family Guy. It was created by Mike Henry. It is, as the name suggests it, the Pervert is an elderly man dressed in a blue baby bathrobe; you’ll likely see him in the ugly cartoon characters images on the internet.

1. Quasimodo – Hunchback of Notre Dame

Ugly Cartoon Characters
Image Credits: Fandom

Quasimodo is among the most adorable and ugly Disney characters you’ll ever meet. He’s incredibly kind and strives to always be a good person; however, the fact that he has a back defect that gives him an unattractive back. Even though he’s deemed unattractive by his fans, but he is still one of the movie’s most loved characters.

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