Sid The Sloth: Who is The Voice Actor of Sidney?

Sid The Sloth

Who is Sid The Sloth? Sid is a fictional character from Ice age movie series. His full name is Sidney. He is one of the main character of the series which very entertaining to watch.

About Sid

His full name is Sydney -Awkward, talkative, dumb, and always annoying sloth (and frankly ignoring personal hygiene). He’s not stupid at all (most ideas come to his mind), but because of his frivolity and laziness, he gets into endless trouble, and Manny and Diego sometimes have to save him. Not. Friends treat him like a big kid-they often get angry with him, but they love him. According to Diego, Sid is “a sticky substance that holds our pack together.”

Sid always has an important dream-to start his own family. Little by little, this dream turns into a real mental illness: he took three dinosaurs for his upbringing, he flatly refuses to return them to his mother, which Is the reason why he enters the world of dinosaurs and causes problems for his friends who have to go to save him. Sid falls in love with Brooke’s geological beauty in the fifth movie and engages her.

Sid voice actor John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo is from Bogota, Colombia. He is an actor, voice actress, stand-up comedian, and film producer, playwright, and screenwriter. He voiced the character Sid in Ice age and also in the video game.

Doing the voices of the characters in the animated films is not anything, and that is what John Leguizamo knows, who in order to find a way to speak of his character Sid in the “Ice Age” film series, had to make several proposals. To the director of the tapes, Chris Wedge.

“I proposed an accent from the southeast [of the United States], but he did not like it,” said the actor during a meeting with the press regarding the premiere of “Ice Age: Collision Course”, the fifth installment of this series that reaches theaters July 22. “Then I saw something on the Discovery Channel about sloths, and I went to the zoo and realized that they store food in their cheeks, so I had a sandwich and went to the director. ‘This is [Sid’s] voice. Guess who I am. I’m the sloth bear, I found my voice.’”

What is Ice Age Series

Ice Age is a series of very successful American animated films that shows the adventures of a group of extinct animals that manage to create a great friendly bond, was created in 2002, and directed by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha.


The movie started quite a long time ago, in the middle of the ice age, and shows Scrat, a little saber-toothed squirrel grabbing oak nuts and seeds looking for a place to store his oak seed. When he discovers it, he tries to make sure it’s on the ground, but ends up creating a split that will cause a fiasco that almost cost him his life.

Walking out of there, Scrat is happy that he’s back with his oak seed, but then ends up getting beaten up by a Woolly Mammoth. The film opens with a gigantic group of different ice age creatures, eg Macrauchenia, Glyptodont, Palaeotherium, Megacerops, Antbird , travel south in the middle of winter, to warmer terrain.

The mammoth chooses to save Sid , in light of the fact that, as his own words indicate, “I abhor creatures that kill for joy.” Once saved, Sid chooses to continue with Manfred, who is called by the lethargic “Manny”, to get away from the debilitating brontoterids out there, despite the way Manny demands that he be allowed to sit undisturbed.

Meanwhile, an evil saber-toothed Smilodon tiger named Diego is on a mission to carry a baby named Roshan, who is the son of the human seeker who killed half his pack. Diego accepts requests from Soto, the pioneer of his pack, who wishes to punish people. The tiger chases the tiger’s mother into a waterfall, where she jumps to save her child’s life, and Diego decides not to jump for fear of the paranoid water.

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