Descendants 4 Release Date Announcement! Latest Information

Descendants 3 was a huge success, and Disney fans hope for Descendants 4 if it ever happens. Many fans were also interested in the previous films. Sony decided to release two sequels to the film back-to-back. The plot of the film features five main characters: Mal, Carlos Jay, Jay, Evie, and Ben. Ben, the son of King and Queen Auradon, allows four evil children to attend the kingdom’s prep school. After the Descendants 3 will there be a descendants 4? Let’s find out.

Descendants 4 Release Date: When is descendants 4 coming out?

Most of the fans eager to know when is descendants 4 coming out? Disney has not yet confirmed that a fourth Descendants movie will be made. It is therefore unclear when Descendants 4 may arrive at Disney.

Everything seems to suggest that the saga’s third installment will be the final. This is due to the death of the actor aged 20 and because of the final scene in which Mal, Evie, and Jay run to the Isle of the Lost without repeating the voiceovers from the previous films. “

Mal realizes that there is no good or evil and removes the barrier between Auradon & the Isle of the Lost. This brings the two societies closer and eliminates the need to select four people each year. VK will join Auradon. This is a happy ending to a fairy tale, which would have rendered the last line redundant. It looks like closure, at least.

Cameron Boyce’s death would have thwarted any other plans. It seems that the other actors will not be able to carry on the story without one of his companions. The cast also left clues suggesting that there would be no more adventures.

Booboo Stewart (who plays Jay’s son Jafar) made comments about “Break This Down,” the closing theme song of the film. This was taken to be a final acknowledgment.

“A lot of our dancers have been there since the beginning. All of us were dancing to the song that represented ‘Descendants,’ and the Descendants world. It’s amazing. “

Sofia Carson, another protagonist, said goodbye to her character at the premiere of “Descendants 3″ “My dear Evie. I am so sorry to have to say goodbye. We share a common bond that connects us all from this world to the next. Evie, until then, I will continue to love you. Forever and ever “.

On his social media, Dove Cameron wrote that he had completed his “last session” of ‘Descendants before Cameron Boyce died. Her words were a common refrain among her followers.

It’s possible that the film could arrive in 2022, depending on the date Disney announces it and whether it’s an animated or action film.

It is important to remember that Disney traditionally releases new installments every 2+ years. Descendants dropped July 2015, Descendants 2 in July 2017; Descendants 3, August 2019 and Descendants The Royal Wedding, August 2021.

Its possible Descendants 4 will be released in summer 2023 if Disney follows a similar release schedule.

Descendants 4 cast

Previous films have focused on a regular cast. In addition to Cameron Boyce, the films also starred:

  • Tort, daughter of Maleficent – ​​Dove Cameron (Agents of SHIELD, Liv and Maddie)
  • Jay, son of Jafar – Booboo Stewart (The Twilight Saga, X-Men: Days of Future Past)
  • Évie, Daughter of the Evil Queen – Sofia Carson (Austin & Ally, Tini: The Movie)
  • Ben, son of Beauty and Beauty from the Beast – Mitchell Hope
  • Jeanne, daughter of the beautiful godmother – Brenna D’Amico (Chicken Girls, Crazy Wonderful)
  • Fairy Godmother – Melanie Paxson (Cupid, Happy Family)
  • Belle – Keegan Connor Tracy (Supernatural, The Magicians)
  • The Beast – Dan Payne (Stargate, Watchmen)
  • Hades – Cheyenne Jackson (Glee, 30 Rock)

It’s unclear if a fourth movie (if ordered) would feature the regular cast, or if Disney Channel would refocus the story with different teenage protagonists, with a different storyline.

The fourth film will not only be a return to the top, but it should also take inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. It is possible that we will see a character who has a connection with the film, such as Alice, the Queen Of Hearts, or the Mad Hatter.

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When will Descendants 4 be on Disney Plus?

If Descendants 4 premieres in summer 2023 on Disney Channel, fans will likely have to wait until early-2024 to see the movie premiere on Disney Plus. This is because Disney usually releases the Descendants movies about six months after their debut on the Disney Channel.

Descendants 4 synopsis

Descendants 4 has not been officially announced, but it has been teased by Disney that the fourth film will take viewers to Wonderland.

Descendants 4 Trailer

At the moment, Disney has not released a trailer for Descendants. However, we will keep this post updated as soon as possible when Descendants 4 trailer comes out.

Where can you stream it?

Descendants 4 will launch on Disney Channel sometime in 2023. However, it won’t air on Disney Plus until 2024. This is generally because Disney released Descendants films six months after their Disney Channel premiere.

What happened in “Descendants 3”?

Mal decides to permanently close the barrier after an indiscretion with Hades that puts Auradon’s safety at risk. He believes that it is the best way to protect the kingdom’s well-being, but he doesn’t want to tell his friends.


Contrary to what Mal believed, the real threat to Auradon was not from the Isle of the Lost. It came from the realm itself. After a spell in the Enchanted Forest, Audrey, Aurora’s teenage daughter, returned to high school. She doesn’t like Mal’s idea to marry Ben and become queen, as she feels she should be there.

This, combined with her grandmother’s constant criticisms, makes her the story’s villain. Audrey seizes Maleficent’s scepter plunges Auradon into a deep sleep, where Jane, the Fairy Godmother’s daughter, and all the other protagonists, who were on the island looking for the fires of Hades, are not hurt.

While on the Isle of the Lost, Mal confronted Hades, her father, to break the curse that Sleeping Beauty’s child had placed on her. Uma and her minions seem to be complicating things before Mal returns to the kingdom. However, Mal agrees that Mal will open the barrier for any villain’s son who wants to go to high school, and the young villain joins our heroes.


Both groups discover that they have more things in common than differences as they defeat each attack by Audrey. But when peace seems to reign, Mal’s lies are revealed, and the barrier is closed forever. All of them, feeling betrayed by Mal, turn their backs.

Mal must face Audrey by herself without the help of her friends and newfound allies. Even though she transforms once more into a dragon, Maleficent’s power is greater, and the fire of Hades doesn’t work without Uma.

To wake her up, Maleficent’s daughter turns to her father, the king of the underworld, and manages to save Audrey’s life. She demonstrates that both a “hero” and a “villain” can accomplish good.

The barrier that separated the Isle of the Lost and Auradon from one another is finally destroyed, and heroes and villains reunited.

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