Will there be a Arifureta Season 3? Latest Information

Is there a possibility of producing Arifureta Season 3 or Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Season 3? Many fans are wondering if there will be a season 3 or the release date of season 3. If so, we are considering and anticipating when the broadcast date will start. We will predict the release dated based on disk sales, stock of the original novel, sales of the original novel and video distribution.

In addition, it is a must-see for fans, as it also summarizes from where to where (from what volume to how many volumes) the original manga will be visualized in the third period of the animation of “the world’s strongest in a common profession”.

The latest information about Arifureta Season 3

From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” is a work based upon the light novel serialized by Ryo Shirakome in “Become a Novelist”.

The cumulative ranking of “Become a novelist” has exceeded 400,000,000 PV as of February 2019. This is a rare number. April 2021 is the cumulative circulation of both the paperback and manga edition series. It has now sold more than 5 million copies.

The 1st season of anime began broadcasting in July 2019. Anime fans highly acclaimed it. The 2nd season of anime began broadcasting in January 2022.

The second season of animation has reached its turning point. Is it now about to produce the third season? Many people are asking when the broadcast will begin, I believe.

Although there is no official announcement from the official website yet, we will summarize the latest information, including from where to where (from what volume to how many volumes) the third period of the animation will be drawn in the original novel.

Is there a possibility of producing the third season of animation?

Consideration from disk sales

The sales of discs such as Blu-ray, DVD and video revenue are considered to be crucial in making decisions about the production of anime sequels.

Despite disc sales being less important due to the rapid growth of video distribution services, there is no doubt it is still an important indicator.

It is generally believed that the average number can exceed 4,000-5,000. This is a turning point for the production of anime sequels. We will therefore check if “From Commonplace to World’s Strongest can cross that border prize.”

Blu-ray BOXes are only available for the “From Commonplace To World’s Strongest” disc. It consists of three volumes.

The preliminary report on discs sales during the first animation period was 3,198.

We did not achieve an average of 4,000-5,000, but we are doing well, considering discs can be difficult to sell.

The second season of TV animation, which is currently being broadcast, is in its second season. Given the fact that it is getting new viewers, it is possible that the total number will exceed 4,000 by the end.

The disc sales for the second period are the most worrying. However, Volume 1’s planned release date is March 23, 2022. Therefore, the data won’t be released from now.

It was ranked 96th when I looked at Amazon’s top-selling lists that accept reservations.

Taking a look at other anime works, it is believed that if your discs do not rank in the top 100 Amazon’s best-selling lists, it is difficult to sell discs. However, the second term of “From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” is already ranked in the TOP 100 during the reservation stage!

The ranking of the discs is so high that it is reasonable to expect high sales. The possibility of producing the third season of animation, “From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”, will be very high.

Consideration from the stock of the original novel

Next, we’ll look at the stock situation for the original novel and consider the possibility that there might be a third season of animation.

First of all, if you check the publication status of the paperback edition of “From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”, the latest issue as of March 4, 2022, is 12 volumes (main volume).

In the first animation period, volumes 1 through 4 were consumed. It is anticipated that volumes 5-6 of the original novel will be used for the second animation period.

The number of volumes left in the original novel is 6, so it appears that stock is not an issue when making the third Season of animation.

The original work “From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” is very popular, so it is possible that production may be proceeding with the 3rd Season.

Consideration from the sales of the original novel

Next, we’ll explore the possibility to produce the Arifureta Season 3, based on the popularity and sales of the original novel.

As we mentioned, the series’ cumulative circulation, which includes the electronic version, was over 5 million by April 2021.

It is generally said that if an animation is original, it is easier to make a sequel if it exceeds 2 million copies. However, “Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou” has far exceeded that number by a large margin.

In addition to novels comicalized manga, Gaiden “From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”, “The World’s Strongest in the Common Everyday”, and “The World’s Strongest in the Common School” is also published as spin-off works.

The animation will be a significant contributor to sales of the series. Therefore, the probability of producing the third season of animation is high.

Consideration from the popularity of video distribution

We will also examine the possibility of producing the third season of animation based on the popularity of the video distribution service.

The second season of anime had simultaneous terrestrial simultaneous and fastest single distribution at d anime store. However, no exclusive distribution agreement could have been expected to be financially profitable.

Therefore, the focus is on how many views each video distribution service has. However, I was surprised to see that the weekly ranking of the d anime shop as of March 4, 2022, was 3rd!

The number of problematic (favorite registration number) is as many as 120,000, which is ” My Dress-Up Darling”, ” Attack on Titan Final Season”, “Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku” in the 2022 winter animation. It is the 4th place after”.

It is possible to infer that the number is increasing steadily. Therefore, the possibility exists that the third season of animation will be made from the perspective of video distribution.

Arifureta Season 3 Release Date

Based on various data, it seems that the possibility of producing the third season of animation appears almost certain. We will also predict the date of the broadcast.

First, the broadcast date for the first period was broadcast in 13 episodes each of 1 cool, from July 2019 to October 2019. The disc release information is available on the official website. The second period will be broadcast in 12 episodes.

The end date for the second animation broadcast in this instance will be March 2022. No matter how popular an anime may be, the broadcast time with previous works is often more than one year apart.

The original work of “Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou” is very popular. It is possible to broadcast it in the fastest one year but in the first animation period. Despite the announcement of the sequel production decisions in the final episode. Animation: There was one year and three months before the second term.

I think that some animation production companies have changed for this, but the same period may be available for the third period of animation.

We expect the broadcast date for the 3rd Season animation “Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou” to take place after September 2023, one year and three more months later.

FUNimation’s Arifureta Season 3 English dub release date

FUNimation Streamed Arifureta Season 2 in English during Winter 2022. Funimation streamed the second season in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It was also available in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Chile.

Here is the Arifureta Season 2 dub cast:

  • Matt Shipman as Hajime
  • Tia Ballard as Yue
  • Amanda Lee as Shea
  • Morgan Laure as Tio
  • Skyler McIntosh as Kaori
  • Kate Bristol as Shizuku
  • Lara Woodhull as Myu
  • Brandon Potter as Freid Bagwa
  • Chris Cason as Mikhail
  • Brianna Knickerbocker as Liliana
  • Jerry Jewell as Bize
  • Orion Pitts as Hiyama
  • Bradley Campbell as Eliheid
  • Kent Williams as Ishtar
  • Justin Briner as Endou
  • Patrick Seitz as Meld

The Arifureta Season 2 English dub release date was on February 17, 2022.

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