What is a pep rally? What happens in a pep rally?

What is a pep rally? A pep rally, also known as a pep assembly, brings together participants, usual students from middle school, high school, and college-age, before an event in sports. This gathering aims to boost the school’s spirit and encourage the members who are part of their team.

Pep Rallies are common in American High schools (that is, students aged 14–18). Sports are given great importance in American schools. The school administration or athletic department organizes this to get students excited about an upcoming game.

What happens in a pep rally?

So, what happens in a pep rally?

First of all, the students are sent to the gymnasium or multi-purpose room where they sit on bleachers. Then there is music play by Marching Band. After that teacher, Team Captain, Athletic Director, Principal or the Coach Speech. There are Cheer Leader Acrobatics Perform. The team’s player is introduced in front of everyone who is in all the uniforms. Everyone encourage them with clapping and noise for Athletics.

Is it fun?

Does everyone love it? The answer is no. Many people have their own opinion. But as I know in my friend circle, nobody likes a pep rally.

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