Vinland Saga Season 2: When is it going on air?

Vinland Saga Season 2

“Keep the promise you made as a warrior.”

– Thor, Vinland Saga

Who can forget this powerful quote from Vinland Saga? Season 1 ended on a note that the favorite characters of yours will come back on screen soon. Now, as we stand on the doorstep of 2022, it is a question of many, “when is the Vinland Saga season 2 release date”? But, it seems, we have to wait a little longer for that, though not too long! Before we look into how and when Vinland Saga season 2 will hit the OTT platform, let’s look back on what we already experienced. Also, for those who are the first-timers, here’s a recap for you!

What is the story of Vinland Saga?

A brainchild of Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga is a manga series that originated in Japan and has some historical references. The series takes us to the year 1002 when Thorfinn, the son of Thors Snorresson and Helga, sets for exploring Vinland. The order of events eventually takes us through a rollercoaster ride where Thors is executed even after defeating Askeladd and Thorfinn is held hostage. However, the death of his father makes Thorfinn determined that he will take revenge on Askeladd. Later, Thorfinn joins the band of Askeladd and with sharp honing of skills, he becomes a ruthless fighter.

In the later episodes, we find Thorfinn fighting against Thorkell, capturing Prince Canute. Askeladd faces with a mutiny from his men as they question his leadership. He continues to kill his men. However, Thorfinn tries to prevent others from killing Askeladd and challenges Thorkell by calling him to a duel. In the 19th episode, it is revealed that Thorkell and Thorfinn are related to each other; the former is the great-uncle of the latter. But that does not reduce their enmity. Thorfinn managed to pluck an eye of Thorkell.

Towards the end of season 1, we get to see that Thorfinn, with a broken arm, challenges Askeladd to a duel. Askeladd, even without any sword, knocks down Thorfinn. He was later jailed. Askeladd gets rewarded for saving Prince Canute, and Sweyn asks him to choose between Wales or Canute. In the final episode of this season, Canute kills Askeladd. Thorfinn is found to attack Canute but vainly. The episode ends with the notion of coming back with another season as Thorfinn assembles a crew with the desire of colonizing Vinland.

Is there going to be Vinland Saga season 2?

To keep the hopes up of millions of fans worldwide, the Wit Studio made an official announcement in 2021 that Vinland Saga will be back with its second season. Afterwards, Shuhei Yabuta posted the same on his Twitter account, which sealed the speculations. The team that directed and managed Vinland Saga in season 1 will remain the same. The official announcements made it clear that season 2 will develop under the supervision of Takahiko Abiru as the character designer. The director’s baton will still be in the hands of Shuhei Yabuta. However, the production has not revealed any caste and crew names. We expect it will be almost the same with probable minor changes here and there.

When will season 2 come?

One of the most asked questions of 2020-21 has been about the Vinland Saga season 2 release date update. Sadly, for that, you have to be a little more patient. While confirmation about the sequel has been doing the rounds, there has been no news about the release date. However, fans speculate that somewhere around early 2022, the same will be announced.

While the reel version of Vinland Saga is awaiting a release date, the same continues to get published since 2005. If you are into anime, it is likely that you are familiar with Manga. Vinland Saga Manga has 25 volumes, and it is expected that Vinland Saga Season 2 will be based on volume 9 to volume 14. A total of 100 chapters will come alive on screen.

Which characters should we look out for in season 2?

In season 1 of Vinland Saga, we found a good number of characters die, right? Yes, we bid
adios to many with a heavy heart. However, some of the characters are going to make a
reappearance surely. Who will they be? Here’s what we think:

  • Thorfinn

Well, he is the protagonist- he has to be there! Also, remember what Askeladd told him to
do? He still has to seek the purpose of his life. Besides, he has to finish what Thor, his father
could not. Vinland Saga Season 2 will be nothing without Thorfinn.

  • Thorkell

Loved by some, disliked by some- Thorkell seems to make a re-entry in the series. You
might find him as a servant of Canute, or he might assume some other role. Nevertheless,
this character, we expect, is going to be there in season 2.

  • Canute

Who started as Prince Canute became King Canute at the end of season 1. He still has to meet the dream of turning the world into paradise. So, King Canute, the ruler of the Danes after Sweyn, will definitely play a pivotal role in Vinland Saga season 2.

With the huge amount of profit that Vinland Saga season 1 fetched, it is only a matter of time that season 2 comes to quenches the curiosity and demands of the fans. All we, the admirers of Vinland Saga, have to do is keep our hopes high and wait patiently. It will be any day now!

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