Fat after menopause? Eating vegetables to lose weight

People may find that as they grow older, especially after menopause, their posture is getting better, especially the waist and abdomen are prone to grow fat. Don’t worry; eating a lot of vegetables can increase metabolism and help you get rid of meat. So, how to lose weight eating vegetables and what need to be done to accomplish our goal.

Long-term “indebtedness” to the body

The 67-year-old actress Brigitte Lin, who used to be the head of the “Jade Girl”, has always been an eternal idol in the hearts of a large number of movie fans, eternally “undefeated in the East”. She seldom appeared in public. In recent years, she was found to be out of shape. At the end of last year, her weight soared to 68 kilograms.

Encouraged by her family, Brigitte Lin determined to lose weight, and her weight dropped to 56 kg within six months. A few days ago, she was witnessed by netizens who showed up in a painting exhibition. The appearance of Frozen in a full suit was amazing to everyone as if she had never been blessed, and netizens exclaimed that “the years are never defeated beauty”.

Brigitte Lin proved that even mature people could lose weight after getting blessed. Before exploring how to lose weight, let’s first understand why the figure changes with age.

Dietitians who specialize in weight loss pointed out that there are six reasons for the blessing of mature people:

1. Low metabolic enzyme activity: The metabolic enzyme activity in the body decreases with age, which slows down the metabolic efficiency.

2. Muscle loss: The amount of muscle mass will also affect metabolism. High muscle mass has a high basal metabolic rate, but muscle mass is easily lost with age.

3. Decreased estrogen: After menopause, women’s estrogen secretion decreases, which makes it easy to accumulate fat and cause abdominal obesity.

4. Differences in intestinal bacteria: the quality of intestinal bacteria will affect the weight of the body. Some people have different intestinal bacteria, but they have not been regulated, and they tend to get fat when they get older.

5. Accumulation of toxins in the body: fat cells store organic compound toxins, and many toxins inhibit fat metabolism. If the metabolic function is poor, with age, toxins will accumulate in the body more and more.

6. Long-term lack of nutrients: If the eating habits are not good from a young age, after decades, the “nutrition debt” owed will accumulate more and more. Inadequate intake of nutrients for many years will not only affect the detoxification ability but also the enzyme activity in the body will be relatively poor.

People with poor eating habits may eat more processed foods. However, in the process of food processing, not only nutrients will be lost, but also many additives will be added to increase the body’s metabolic burden.

Eat more food! A diverse vegetable diet makes you thin

The 6 reasons that make mature people get well-being are mostly related to metabolism. Although age cannot be controlled, we can control the key to improving metabolism.

“With multiple nutrients, metabolism will increase,”. To make metabolism a better diet, you need to eat a lot of and varied vegetables. The amount of vegetables is greater than the total amount of starch and protein. With this as the premise, there are a few tips:

Eat fresh, less processed ingredients

The quality of the ingredients is very important. Choose fresh, prototype foods or low-grade processed foods. The body’s detox function is better, so you should eat more of these foods.

Eat 8-10 kinds of vegetables every day

The more diverse the types and colors of vegetables, the more diverse nutrients can be ingested. Eat 8-10 kinds of vegetables every day, at least 5 kinds of vegetables in a meal, 8 kinds of vegetables are the best.

The choice of vegetables for each meal can be leafy vegetables, melons (such as large cucumber, small cucumber, winter melon), mushrooms, bean sprouts, bean pods (such as sweet beans, string beans), brightly colored vegetables (such as carrots, eggplants), Big tomato) or vegetables with bamboo shoots (white bamboo shoots, corn shoots, bamboo shoots), etc.

It is not difficult to eat a variety of vegetables. Those who cook by themselves can use two to three kinds of vegetables for cooking a dish together. If two or three dishes are cooked for a meal, the demand can be met. When ordering meals outside, you can also choose dishes with more combinations of ingredients based on this concept.

Eat 1.5 to 2 bowls of vegetables for each meal

Emma Johnson, who has coached many trainees to lose weight, revealed that she would ask to eat a lot of vegetables, “If you want to improve your metabolism, only eat 2 (vegetables): 1 (protein): 1 (starch) is not enough, and the amount of vegetables should be a little more. , More than half of the dinner plate”.

She suggested half a bowl of starch and half a bowl of protein. When you eat this amount, starch can be changed to two-thirds of the bowl if you are hungry. Eat 1.5 to 2 bowls of vegetables for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, three balanced intakes are enough.

Pumpkin and corn are starchy, not vegetables. If you eat these foods, you should reduce your appetite. If you are eating corn, you don’t need to eat that meal.

In the process of weight loss, protein and calories should not be taken in too little; otherwise, it will easily cause a lot of muscle loss. Emma Johnson pointed out that, including young people, some people have very few calories at each meal, resulting in sarcopenia to lose weight. Normally, the protein intake per meal is about one palm.

Less sugar and less oil to protect the intestines

Sweets and fried foods can grow bad bacteria in the intestines, and the dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables helps the growth of good bacteria. If you often eat desserts, fried foods and eat fewer fruits and vegetables, the intestinal flora will change.

The eating mentioned above pattern is also suitable for a hot pot that many people like to eat. Some people think that eating hot pot is easy to gain weight. In fact, there are a few tips to make people happy and enjoy food without fear of getting fat: drink less soup because the fat of meat remains in the soup; eat less or even no processed foods such as hot pot ingredients. And deep-fried or water-absorbing noodles, such as instant noodles and winter noodles; a large amount and variety of vegetables, an appropriate amount of meat; less shacha sauce, bean paste, etc.

Mature people should also pay attention to salt intake; reducing salt avoids edema and maintains blood pressure stability.

Such a diet is not difficult, but it requires self-discipline, and Lin has set a good example. In an interview with Taiwanese media this year, she revealed that she originally liked pasta, peanut butter, peanuts and midnight snacks. In order to lose weight, she quit midnight snacks, sweets and snacks, reduced starch intake, and had less oil and salt in her diet.

Regular exercise is also one of the reasons Brigitte Lin lost weight. She would play billiards, climb mountains, do Pilates, and exercise for 1 hour a day.

Emma Johnson suggested that you do the exercise you like and don’t turn exercise into stress. Exercise should make people feel relieved and relaxed so that they can be sustained. The only thing to pay attention to is that you should not eat a lot of food immediately after exercise, as it will make up for the calories you burn.

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