Quanzhi Fashi Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Quanzhi Fashi Season 6 Release Date

In 2016 The adaptation to the book “Full-Time Mage” was released on television. A lot of critics who have watched the screened Chinese anime commented that the writers enticed the viewers. Every chapter concludes with the most exciting ending and makes the viewers worry about the story to come. This happened the last time. Everyone is now wondering the date Quanzhi Fashi’s season 6 will air. For those who are aficionados of the genre The announcement is already made. So, when is Quanzhi Fashi Season 6 going to release?


Quanzhi Fashi tells the story that follows Mo Fan, a high school student who is entangled in the realm of a mysterious parallel dimension. Everything that happens in this dimension brings him back to his previous existence. He was the child of a labourer who was poor as well as the stepson of a sister that was handicapped. The most successful students in the universe are taught to use magic to protect themselves from the evil animals that are hidden in the forest which protects the city.

Mo Fan was accepted into the prestigious school of magic, however because of his poor social standing and his lack of magic ability, he was ridiculed by his bully friends. The poor, underdog however was able to master the powerful fire as well as the unique lighting components.

Quanzhi Fashi Season 6 Release Date and Renewal

Till now, no news surfaced regarding the renewal and release date of season 6 of the show. But as we know that the show is top-rated and its already five seasons have been released, it is sure that season 6 will come. The release date of Quanzhi Fashi Season 6 is expected in 2022.

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