Lego Piece 26047 Meme: How it became a meme?

not to Google Lego piece 26047

Are you looking for Lego Piece 26047 meme? Want to know its meaning and its origin? Well, you are not alone, my friend. This particular keyword has 100K – 1M search volume in google. Imagine how many people are searching for this (26047 Lego piece) on google every month.

What is Lego Piece 26047?

Lego piece 26047 is actually a Lego piece that was created in 2016, It appears in 356 sets, 14 minifigs, 13 parts, and even one gear that was a pencil pot.

How did Lego Piece 26047 become Meme? Explained

First of all, if you haven’t played among us or don’t know about among us, then this won’t make any sense to you at all. If you don’t know, among us is a multiplayer survival game where maximum 10 people can play at once. It is a very popular and exciting game if you ask me.


On March 1st, 2021 a TikToker named @boyfriend.xmi uploaded a recoded video from his phone telling people to make a Google search for “lego piece 26047” over the on-screen text, “when lego piece 26047 is sus”. In just six days that video got over 223,000 views, later that video uploaded to YouTube by Itsbagboy. Again this video got over 10000 views.

The reason is simple; it’s the shape of the brick. The brick exactly looks like the character from the game among us. Here is some pictures for you with different colors of both Lego and among us characters.

Lego Piece 26047 Meme
Among us red vs Lego piece red
Lego Piece 26047
Among us yellow vs Lego piece yellow
similarity between Among us & Lego piece
Among us green vs Lego piece green

Just observe these pictures. The left ones are characters from among us, and the right ones are the bricks, which almost look like the characters from the left. If you type Lego Piece 26047 in google, the search result will show the brick with various colors. It is similar to the colors of different among us characters. So fans started to troll people by telling them “not to Google Lego piece 26047”. But it happened exactly the opposite; people started searching for it more and more. This way, the game became even more popular. 

The logo piece looks like an imposter. If you don’t know, the imposter is a randomly assigned role for two to three players to be the imposter. Whose job is to kill other players to win the game. So in the game, when players suspect any player of being an imposter, they say, “you are acting sus.” But later they started to troll each other by saying “you are acting like Lego piece 26047.” Initially, it was just a joke which turned into a meme and was shared on social media platforms, primarily on Reddit.

Twitter reacts to Lego meme

This was also spread to Twitter like a wildfire; here are some of the tweets.

Reddit reaction on Lego meme

As I said before, Reddit played a massive role in spreading this meme on different types of social media. This way, more and more people know about this meme, even non among us players. Here is a picture of some Reddit post.

Lego piece 26047 on Reddit
Lego piece 26047 on Reddit

I hope you understand the real meaning of the meme and its origin.

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