How to Create a Private Story on Snapchat (Guide)

How to Create a Private Story on Snapchat

How to create a private story on snapchat? There are many social media platforms to choose where to spend our time. There seems to be a lot of overlap between some of them and the features they have. And continue to make changes, updates and upgrades. This makes users curious about how to perform certain functions, such as how to do it on Snapchat.

Snapchat Story Great for showing your friends the quick moments of your day, but what if you only want to share with certain friends? Not everyone needs to see your Snapchat story, especially if your Snapchat story is more private. Snapchat seems to agree, considering that you can change your privacy settings to turn any and every Snapchat story into a private story.

You decide how private they want them to be. In fact, your Snapchat story may be created for a specific individual, and you can achieve this by using the following steps. This option can be used and should be fully utilized.

To do this, use a custom option to private your story in Snapchat app. I’ll show you how.

The following steps can be followed by anyone using the latest version of the Snapchat app. IOS or Android.

My story on Snapchat vs. private story

When you take a photo or record a video, the story is published and can be viewed by all your friends ( Snapchat privacy settings ). For private stories, first, create a custom story. Once created, it can be private.

Unlike My Stories, Private Stories allows you to choose exactly who will view your post before publishing it. You can add content to your private story.

How to create a private story from the Snap tab

The Snap tab points to the area of ​​the app where the device’s camera is active, where you can take a photo or record a video. To find it , swipe left or right from the bottom center of any tab in the circle to the Conversation tab or Discover tab.

1. Snap a photo or record a video on the Snap tab. Or upload a photo or video.

2. The Tap to send the lower right icon.

3. Select New Story Private Story (Only I Can Post).

How to Create a Private Story on Snapchat

4. You have displayed a list of Best Friends, Recents, Groups and Friends. Select the contact whose private story you want to view. The selected friend / group has a blue checkmark in their profile picture. Before proceeding to the next step to post a private story, you can tap the selected friend / group to deselect it if you change your mind.

5. Tap Tap Checkmark Post a private story. Private stories have a padlock icon to distinguish them from My Story. Friends who can see your private stories will see them mixed with my story (although they may appear separately on some Android devices).

How to make a private story on snapchat from your profile

Alternatively, instead of the Snap tab, you can create a new private story from your profile page. Jerez Method:

1. From your profile, tap New Story.

2. Tap Private Story.

3. Browse the list of Best Friends, Recents, Groups, and Friends to select who wants to see your private story.

4. When You are finishes adding users, at the bottom right of the checkmark.

5. From here, you can:

  • Tap Private Story Name Enter the name of the private story at the top.
  • Tap to see this story if you want to add someone you might have excluded.
  • Disable or Enable Autosave to Memory checkbox Skip save or include save private story in memory. You cannot select Add to this story Because all private stories can only be added by the creator (you).

6. Tap blue Press the Create Story button to publish your private story. You can see your newly created name listed under the [Story] section of your private story profile. Tap to snap tab to take the first photo or record the first video. You can also add it to your private story when you take or record a photo. From the tap on the main Snap tab to the destination Next, it ‘s under the private story name Stories label.

7. To add photos and videos to a private story, three of the vertical point to the right of the private story name of the profile, and then tap add to the story .

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