Amazon Quiz: Which of these is most accurate for Amazon Pay Later?

Which of these is most accurate for Amazon Pay Later?

  1. Instant Credit up to Rs 20,000
  2. No Hidden charges
  3. Convenience to pay next month or in EMIs
  4. All of the above

Answer – All of the above

Which payment methods can be used for repayment of purchase made using Amazon Pay Later?

  1. Amazon Pay Balance
  2. Gold coins
  3. Credit cards
  4. Net banking/Debit Cards

AnswerNet banking/Debit Cards

Amazon Pay Later can be used to pay for which of the following?

  1. Grocery purchases
  2. Recharges and bill payments
  3. Mobile Phone purchase
  4. All of above

Answer All of above

Which of the follow is a necessary step to register for Amazon Pay Later?

  1. Need to do a doorstep KYC
  2. Enter your pet’s name
  3. Enter PAN card, Aadhaar Card details
  4. Enter your favorite dish

AnswerEnter PAN card, Aadhaar Card details

With Amazon Pay Later, you can avail up to 12 month EMIs on purchase above ₹3,000.

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Answer TRUE

Amazon Pay Later Quiz: how to play?

  • Download the Amazon mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Sign in with your existing Amazon ID or create a new account.
  • Once you are logged in to the app, scroll down to Funzone section on the homepage.
  • Now tap on the “Play Now” button or the banner image to enter the contest.
  • Answer all the questions correctly to enter the pool for the lucky draw.
  • The last screen will confirm that you have entered the lucky draw and will provide options to share the result.

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