Maid Sama Season 2: Will it Ever Return? Why was it Cancelled?

Maid Sama Season 2

Maid sama (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) is one of the most popular rom-com anime by far. The anime got an adoptation by JC.Staff and aired between April and September 2010. It’s IMDb rating is 8.0, not bad huh… This show is filled with comedy and romance, which is very much interesting to watch. It is been more than 10 years and fans still wondering if there will be another season. The manga is already completed, and there is enough resource for the second season. Then why has Maid Sama Season 2 not been released yet?


Maid sama is a story about a poor girl name Misaki Ayuzawa who study in Seika High became school president through her hard work and dedication. The school was previously a boys school and infamous for its rowdy students which recently become a co-ed school. Even though the female population is still in minority she works hard to make the school a better place for girls. She is very respected and feared by other students, all girls admires her. But she has a secret, because her family financial problem she works in a maid cafe, which later discover by the main character Takumi Usui.

Maid Sama Season 2 Release Date

Despite having plenty of manga left to adopt, the studio JC.Staff has not made any announcement regarding the Maid Sama season 2. The first season have total of 26 episodes.

Why was Maid Sama Cancelled?

Many people still ask why the show was cancelled? The reason is simple, because of the low sale of manga. Unfortunately, the manga couldn’t do well, which was a bad thing for the publishers. That’s the reason they dropped the show, and unfortunately, fans suffered a lot. I remember when I watched the show in 2017 and found out that there is no season 2 because the show had already been cancelled; it broke my heart, to be honest. I hope in the upcoming year we get some good news.

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