Top 10 Best Anime Waifu: Who Will Steal Your Heart for Sure

Within the otaku community it is somewhat common to hear the concepts waifu and husbando, which are linked to a deep idealization of the fictional characters of manga, anime and video games.

If you are an otaku then you probably have some cute anime girls or lovable female anime character A.K.A your waifu.

Well it is common for anime lover to have waifus. I have too, But I won’t tell you. Anyway, I have a good list for you, here is some best Anime waifu.

You won’t sleep at night after watching them for sure…..

10. Mio Akiyama

 Mio Akiyama

She introduced in the high school anime “K-ON !!”, which became a hot topic in 2009.

Mio easily slipped into the hearts of viewers and quickly secured a special place. 

She embodies a shy personality and is easily surprised by her fear. 

Mio plays the role of bassist in a high school band. She has stopped being in the limelight, but remains a devout and graceful anime character loved by millions of fans while on the manga page. 

“K-ON !!” is still a personal favorite of many anime lovers. She is a perfect waifu.

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9. Mirai Kuriyama

Anime Waifu

Kuruyama Mirai, which attracts anime lovers from all over the world, first appeared in 2013 in “Beyond the Boundary”. 

There were 12 episodes in the supernatural anime of dark fantasy, and Mirai had a story that was so compelling that she set the standard of “cuteness” high. 

Mirai, who is very bad at lying, shy, and has low self-esteem, comes across as a very naive person. 

With her fluffy pink hair and thick round glasses, Mirai is not a confident schoolgirl. 

But as the story progresses, she examines herself with the help of others, revealing lesser-known aspects of her personality. 

A cute girl who suffers from the “curse of blood” can easily find a place in her heart as soon as she goes.

8. Megumi Kato

Anime Waifu

Probably the only anime character that looks good but hasn’t been able to get an eyeball from her classmates for the longest time. 

Megumi, who appears in the anime “How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend,” is a soft school girl who makes friends with “the best otaku in her class.” 

She anthropomorphizes the flattest and emotionless characters and rarely animates emotions. 

She often retorts with a deadpan look, but is seen as a very calm and calm girl whose classmates rarely feel its presence.

7. Kotori Minami

Anime Waifu

Kotori Minami, who appeared in the 2010 manga “Love Live!”, attracted readers with her charming and gentle personality. 

As the story continues, Kotori and her friends are desperately finding ways to increase the number of students in the school as the school faces a “closed” situation due to a shortage of students. 

They became “idols” and decided to popularize the school. Kotori is portrayed as a girl who doesn’t know what’s happening around her or around her. 

She is also indecisive and relies on her dear friends to make definitive decisions about her life. 

Kotori expresses her unique cuteness from her approach to fashion and her interest in how she holds herself. She is a perfect anime waifu.

6. Mayuri Shiina

Anime Waifu

Usually, the quietest person is the one who knows best. 

This is literally true when it comes to the naïve shy girl of the 2011 acclaimed anime Stein. Gate. 

Mayuri Shiina is a short black-haired one-piece girl who is the main character in the “time travel” themed anime that helps the science addict “Rintarou Okabe”. 

Mayuri’s character, like any other cute anime girl, is full of joy and innocence. 

With her unmistakable charisma and tenderness, Mayuri pierces our hearts with traces of unforgettable moments.

5. Kosaki Onodera

Anime Waifu

Have you ever fallen in love with someone and couldn’t reveal it because you thought it would endanger your friendship with them? 

Now, here is another victim of the same scenario. 

Kosaki is one of the main characters in the 2012 manga series “Nisekoi”. Kosaki, an ordinary girl, immediately covered the audience with her charm. 

Kosaki’s acquaintance with his classmate “Raku” makes love bloom for fear of the collapse of friendship. 

Unlike her classmates, she is not academically strong, but she inspires us with her diligence and dedication to the same thing. 

Kosaki’s timid personality brings her the love and care of many other characters, including her sister who wields a protective shield for her in case of trouble.

In fact she is one of my favorite character.

She is the best waifu among all, In my opinion.

4. Uiharu Kazari

Uiharu Kazari

Psychic power, futuristic cities, and lots of actions are the ways to define the 2007 science fantasy manga series “A Certain Magical Index“. 

The story follows five “Esper” or “Academy City” people with the spiritual power to work relentlessly to maintain peace. 

Kazari is one of the Espers with certain mental powers that help her control thermal energy. 

She is shy and friendly, so she is often teased by gang leaders. 

Kazari is not capable of fighting, but she makes her judgment about achieving justice. 

She enjoys simple life skills like making tea. 

She is also a person who has a lot of love and love for animals.

She is a best waifu material.

3. Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko Sengoku

“Bakemonogatari” is an extensive series that includes a group of vampire-immersed characters, cursed and manipulated ghosts. 

Nadeko was introduced as a shy schoolgirl with a painful history, cursed by a snake that seems to have snake scales around her body. 

The first rendition of Nadeko in the series presents her as a very quiet, shy and friendly girl. 

Her undeniable preference for the protagonist reveals the depth of her loyalty to her loved ones. 

Nadeko’s transformation as the series progressed undoubtedly questioned our view of her when she was just a soft-speaking high school doll at the beginning of the series, and she finally cast her shell.

Break it down and “Goddess of the Snake”.

2. Elucia de Lute Ima

Anime Waifu

The anime “The World God Only Knows”, which unfolds the addictive world of video games, introduces one of the cutest and weirdest characters to get our attention. 

Say hello to Elsie, a 300-year-old demon from hell who came to Earth to find the “lost spirit.” 

What’s so cute about her you might ask! !! 

Well, age is just a number, in this case it is. 

Elsie is the epitome of clumsiness, a disaster when it comes to simple life tasks like cooking, and the most immature person to deal with everyday life. 

Her sneaky and childish temperament will cause your cuteness detection meter to sway beyond its maximum. 

An interesting showdown between Elsie and her world will make you laugh and ask for more!

She is the perfect anime waifu you will ever ask for.

1. Kanade Tachibana

Anime Waifu

Kanade, which erodes human emotions and is completely impervious to any form of emotion, may come across as an unreadable authority on “Angel Beats.” 

Kanade’s cold-hearted personality often creates a negative image of her existence. 

“Angel Beats” tells the life of those who died and reached “limbo”. 

There you need to lead a disciplined life before embarking on your final journey. 

Kanade, who knows the rules of the land, has no attachment to anyone because her past experience of leaving her side after people spend time in “limbo” turned out to be traumatic. 

She’s not very friendly, but her fighting skills are amazing and you’ll surely be hooked on her intimidating charm.

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