The Wheel of Time Release Date, Storyline and More

The Wheel of Time Release Date

In 2019, it became known that a fantastic series of 14 books called The Wheel of Time was being filmed by Amazon studio. The release date for The wheel of Time has been announced. It is not known how the creators want to fit huge material into the minimum number of episodes, but even before the premiere, the studio announced the extension of the series for a second season. You can count on the action to develop rapidly and richly.

The Wheel of Time is a story written by science fiction writer Robert Jordan. The author began work on the work in 1990, but did not have time to finish it. The last novel, at the request of Jordan’s widow, was completed by another science fiction writer. According to the plot, the action will unfold in a universe with three worlds that can coexist with each other. They are an organic complement to each other, so any troubles in one are echoed by unpleasant events in the rest. It is known that there are a trinity of youths capable of causing the death of three worlds.


At the center of the story will be Lady Moiraine, a representative of the ancient women’s order. She has to find guys and save all the worlds, but they are also hunted by villains who pursue exclusively selfish goals. The main role in the new project will be played by Rosamund Pike, filmed by Uta Brizewitz.

The Wheel of Time series is the much-anticipated adaptation of Robert Jordan’s books, which tells in detail about the fate of three worlds and is detailed in a series of novels. The authors try not to reveal the final storyline in order to increase the excitement around the filming process, but there is no doubt that the choice of the writers fell on the most interesting period of the series of novels.

History of appearance

More than 10 years ago, for the first time, there was talk of NBC’s readiness to buy out the rights to film adaptation and start filming. However, after lengthy negotiations and the signing of a contract, the planned release never took place. After a while, the FOX film company decided to buy the rights and shoot a small animated episode. Maybe it all ended like this, if not for Amazon, who drew attention to the book and wished to create a full-fledged series about the wheel of time.

At the beginning of 2018, it was finally confirmed that all problems had been eliminated and a script for the project was already being prepared. At the moment, the shooting has been completed, so there is not much time left before the premiere of the first episodes. There is no doubt that the release date of season 1 of The Wheel of Time series will not be rescheduled.

Story line

Lady Moiraine Damodred is a member of the Aes Sedai Women’s Order. By chance, she learned that someone living in one of the three worlds can destroy the planet and lead humanity to the apocalypse. According to an ancient prophecy, this guy has already been born, but does not yet guess about the destination. Moiraine refuses to believe, in what she is so long accustomed to, in danger of being destroyed.

The stubborn woman takes with her two powerful warriors, hoping with the help of support to destroy a possible threat and not allow irreparable events to materialize. Whether a fragile person can cope with the responsibility entrusted to her, the television series The Wheel of Time will show.

It will be interesting to read:

  • the creator of the project is Rafe Judkins, and the director is Uta Breezwitz;
  • the creative process was launched at the Barrandov Film Studio;
  • the show will take place on Amazon Video;
  • a total of 6 episodes are scheduled to be shown, each of which is on average 60 minutes long;
  • The exact date of the release of the project The Wheel of Time has not yet been named, but this fact does not in the least darken the hopes of fans, because many know that there is not much time left to wait for the premiere.

The American company has never let down the expectations of its fans, creating exciting movie premieres. Now the creators are faced with a difficult task: not to fail the fans’ expectations and it is interesting to stage each episode. I would like to believe that the series will delight fans of Jordan’s work and will certainly win an army of fans after the release.

The Wheel of Time Release Date

The release date of the season 1 series The Wheel of Time Amazon service has planned for November 19, 2021. It will consist of 6 hour long episodes.

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