Emily in Paris season 3 Release Date: Is it Coming in 2022?

Emily in Paris season 3

In 2018, the Paramount Network revealed that Sex and the City author Darren Star is starting to develop a new show. In 2020, shortly before the release, the rights passed to Netflix and in the fall of 2020, the release of the new romantic series Emily in Paris took place at the online cinema. The project turned out to be ambiguous – many critics did not approve of it, but the audience greeted it quite warmly. The project, planned as a mini-series, was continued in 2021. Filming for the second season ended in the fall and new episodes are being prepared for release. In the meantime, there are already rumors that the release date of season 3 of Emily in Paris will take place in 2022. There is no official news on this, but the sequel may be removed if the second season becomes more successful than the first.


Emily in Paris is a story about a young American woman named Emily. The girl works in Chicago in an advertising agency and suddenly receives an offer to go to Paris on a business trip. Initially, the boss of the heroine was supposed to go on a trip, but due to a sudden pregnancy, the choice of couples was for Emily. The girl agrees, because in secret it has always been her dream. But the most romantic city on the planet turns out to be distant from how the heroine saw it. How the girl will learn to live in the capital of France, they will continue to tell in the coming seasons.

Upon arrival in France, the girl is faced with the fact that at the new place of work she is not particularly accepted, since the French do not like foreigners, and Emily also does not speak the language at all, which does not make her more popular with new colleagues. In the new apartment of the heroine, not everything is smooth either – a broken shower, unfriendly neighbors, a rude householder. The girl finds an outlet in creating a new page on Instagram. Emily decides to share her experience of moving to a new country and her account quickly becomes popular. The upcoming episodes of the show will tell you what such popularity and the desire to broadcast life to the masses will lead to.

Emily in Paris is a romantic series about a lonely girl looking for herself in a new country. The viewers liked the show, but experienced SMMs recognized the girl’s professional behavior and her Instagram posts as unrealistic. Critics, who voiced the secondary nature of the project, reacted no less harshly to the show, pointing out that it strongly resembles a mixture of Sex and the City and Gossips. However, this does not prevent the cinema from filming the sequel. It is known that in the new seasons Emily will have to finally get used to the role of the Frenchwoman and become her own among the newly minted colleagues.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t officially anything about the third season of “Emily”, but we have to be sure that the third season will launch after Lily Collins gave a hint on Instagram.

After finished the filming for season 2, the stars posted some photo from and said:

“I’m leaving here filled with so many amazing memories, special moments with my family, endless appreciation to our incredible dedicated and talented crew, and another season officially wrapped!” she said. 

“Very excited to share it with you all soon. We’re heading home, but keeping a little piece of us here until the next time.” 

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