Top 50 Cute Anime Girls [Most Beautiful Girls, Age, Hight, VA]

Credit: Thelostotaku

Who doesn’t like anime? After all, it gives us some time to get rid of this nonsense reality. If you watch anime, you must have fallen in love with some cute anime girl by now. Well it is not your fault, how can someone even resist? A lot of anime is born every cool, also a lot of cute anime characters are also born. So today am presenting you top 50 cute anime girls, so brace yourself.

Cute Anime Girls List!

50. Maple


In the Cute Anime Girls list we have Maple in the 50 position.

She is the main character of the anime called “BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense“.

The anime was premiered in January 8, 2020.

Her objective is to became the Demon king.

In the anime world she is the only female hero who is treated as a demon king by the surrounding.

She is a natural cutie and her personality is very sweet.

NameHonjo Kaede
Avatar NameMaple
Height4′ 9″ (145 cm)
Japanese VoiceKaede Hondo
English VoiceMegan Shipman

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49. Reo Igarashi

Reo Igarashi

She is a character from the 2020 anime ” If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die“.

She is the oldest daughter who is also a leader of an idol group called “ChamJam“.

Even the she is an idol, she maintain her cute and humble attitude and always support the group.

Her humble attitude and soft personality moved the hearts of many fans.

Name Reo Igarashi
BirthdayOctober 25
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPink
Blood TypeAB
Japanese VoiceKaede Hondo
English VoiceDawn M. Bennett

48. Ochaco Uraraka

Cute Anime Girls

In number 48 we have Ochaco Uraraka, you probably know her due to the popularity of “My Hero Academia.

If you don’t know, she had gained the top 1 position in the 5th official popularity poll.

She is a lively girl filled with positivity and have an friendly attitude.

She very bubbly and kind of an airhead at some times.

Her friends describe her as “the most laid back girl“, funny isn’t it?

With her remarkable personality, she captured the heart of fans.

NameUraraka Ochako
Age15 (First appearance)
16 (Current)
Height156cm (5’1½”)
Birth DateDecember 27
Hair ColorAuburn brown
Eye ColorAuburn brown
Blood TypeB
Japanese VoiceAyane Sakura
English VoiceLuci Christian

47. Kaoruko Moeta

Cute Anime Girls

She is the main character of the 2018 anime “Comic Girls“.

She is a cute manga artist who works hard to please her fans.

Because of he small size she often treated like a middle schooler.

She is a very shy-type girl who lack skills with her drawing and she is very sensitive about the comments she gets from her fans.

Her personality is negative, childish and she has a very weak mentality, but very serious about her work who never give up.

But she is a very good girl, and many anime fans liked her not giving up attitude.

Because of her mysterious scream “Ababa Baba” she became one of the memorable characters.

She is definitely deserve to stay in the list of cute anime girls.

NameMoeta Kaoruko
Japanese VoiceHikaru Akao

46. Satania


She is the main character of the 2017 anime “Gabriel DropOut”.

Because she has no friends, she is socially awkward and lonely which also prevents her from rational thinking and common sense view.

That’s why she very naïve and gullible like a child with pure innocence.

She has a innocent heart but with a devilish and child-like mind who loves doing pranks rather than evil things.

Her self-confidence makes many anime fans to love her.

Name Satania
Japanese VoiceNaomi Ōzora

45. Sora Ginko

Sora Ginko

She one of the character from the 2018 shogi anime “Ryuuou no Oshigoto“.

She is a junior high school girl who also happen to be the disciple of the main character Yaichi Kuzuryuu.

She only concerned about shogi, she has a very sharp tongue who harass her opponent badly.

She is very stubborn and a unwavering girl, she later became the the main heroine of the anime.

Still fans like her and she has a huge fan following.

NameSora Ginko
Age14 (beginning)
15 (volume 5)
16 (volume 12)
BirthdateJuly 9, 2002
Japanese VoiceHisako Kanemoto

44. Takagi


She is the main heroine of the 2018 romantic comedy anime “Teasing Master Takagi-san“.

She is a very intelligent girl who always score high score in her class.

She is a kind and caring girl who like to teasing and acting mischievously towards her classmate Nishikata, like the title suggest.

There is also a scene in which she expresses her feelings straight in the film, and she is struck by her love affair.

The shy expression she occasionally shows is a must-see.

She is also the top of the forehead heroine world, she is one of the cute anime girls out there.

Once you watch the anime you will fall in love with her character.

26-27 (Spin-off)
Height150 cm (Age 12-15)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye Color Brown
Japanese VoiceRie Takahashi
English VoiceSarah Wiedenheft (Season 1)
Kayli Mills (Season 2)

43. Erina Nakiri

©Yuto Tsukuda, Shun Saeki/ Shueisha,Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Committee

She is the main heroine of the 2015 anime “Shokugeki no Soma(Food Wars)”.

Her nickname is “God’s Tongue”.

From child she only eat first-class dishes, so she is said to have the taste of God.

She don’t like common dishes such as those served at set meal shops.

She is the first year high school girl in Tōtsuki Culinary Academy who passed the school at the top.

The outstanding style and long blonde hair, she is perfect for the main heroine!

Her personality is a little selfish and full of ego, but she is also a tsundere with a childish side.

Many fans love her for her chemistry with the main character.

Name Erina Nakiri
Age15 (Debut)
16 (After Chapter 263)
17-18 (Le Dessert)
25 (Manga Ending)
Height162 cm
Japanese VoiceRisa Taneda (Anime S1-S2)
Hisako Kanemoto (OVA, Anime S3-S4)
Mai Nakahara (Vomic)
English VoiceStephanie Wittels

42. Raphtalia


You probably know her from the very popular anime “The Rising of The Shield Hero” which aired in 2019.

She was a poor beast girl who was sold to the slave market until the main character freed her.

Although she is a young character, in the beginning, her appearance changes as she levels up.

Initially she was very, fearful and sickly but as she levels up she became more brave and powerful.

She is in love with the main character Naofumi. 

She is a very popular character among otaku.

Name Raphtalia
AgeInitial Age – 10
Post-Level Age – 18
Height168 cm
Hair colorBrown
Eye ColorTea Red
Japanese VoiceAsami Seto
English VoiceErica Mendez

41. Kagura 

Kagura one of my personal favorite female anime character.

She appeared in the 2006 action comedy anime ‘Gintama’.

She dress like a Chinese girl who work at Odd Jobs with Gintoki sakata and Sinpachi Shimura.

With a Chinese tone such as “~ al”, a character with a poisonous tongue despite its cute appearance.

She belongs to a precious and powerful race called the Yato, her strength surpass the main character.

Her personality is very cute and innocent who loves to eat delicious food.

Her character is very funny you will definitely like her, she is one of the cute anime girls out there.

16 (Two Years Arc)
19-20 (Future)
Birthdate3 Nov
Height150 cm (4’11”)
Hair ColorVermilion
Eye ColorOcean Blue
Japanese VoiceRie Kugimiya
Kōji Ishii (Dekobokko arc)

40. Shiro

Yuu Kamiya, published by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd./No Game No Life Zero Production Committee

She is the main female character of the 2014 anime “No Game No Life”.

She is a character with absolute genius mind but her problem is that she has a hard time to understand emotion and behavior.

She is 11 years old who lives with her step brother and has a brother complex.

Height4’6″ (140cm)
Weight38 kg
BirthdayJuly 27th
Hair colorWhite at the top that changes to mainly
light blue with yellow and green at the tips (LN)

White and Pale blue with very light sea green tips (anime)
Eye ColorRed with gold pupils
Japanese VoiceAi Kayano
English VoiceCaitlynn French

39. Yue


She is the main heroine of the 2019 anime “Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou”.

She is 323 years old.

She always priorities Hajime’s safety and happiness above her own.

She is a very caring and positive girl.

But she also a pervert who likes to such Hajime’s blood.

She also famous as a crotch smasher, to know the details you have to watch the anime.

Name Yue
Age 323
Height140 cm
Hair colorBlonde
Eye ColorRed
Japanese VoiceYūki Kuwahara
English VoiceTia Ballard

38. Renge Miyauchi

Renge Miyauchi
source: Youtube

She is one of the main character of the 2013 anime “Non Non Biyori”.

She is also known as “Nyanpasuu‘ girl.

She she as child with very curious and unique nature.

She is very innocent, sensitive to people’s heart, slef-paced and lonley.

She always gets good scores in her class excellent artistic skills.

Because of her cuteness fans fell in love with her.

In the list of cute anime girls she definitely deserve a top place.

Name Renge Miyauchi
Age6-7 (first grade in elementary school)
BirthdayDecember 3
Height117 cm
Japanese VoiceKotori Koiwai

37. Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima

She is one of the heroine of the 2012 erotic harem anime “High School DxD”.

She is half human and half fallen angel.

She looks like a very elegant and gentle woman who pretends to be an unfussy older sister character but deep inside she is a sadistic.

She has feelings for the main character.

Her attitude made fans like her even more.

NameAkeno Himejima
Height167 cm
Hair colorBlack
Eye ColorViolet
Japanese VoiceShizuka Itō 
English VoiceKelly Angel 

36. Tohka Yatogami

Tohka Yatogami

She is the main female character of the 2013 battle fantasy and romantic comedy anime “Date A Live”.

In the beginning she was a cold hearted and emotionless but later she develops and express feelings, as well as experience life on Earth.

She has a very cheerful and child personality which makes her naïve, emotional, energetic, and gullible at times.

She easily gets excited after seeing simple things on earth, she is a pure sprit.

She is a very exciting character to watch.

By following the story, you can watch her change and growth.

NameTohka Yatogami
BirthdayApril 10th
Height155 cm
Hair colorDark Plum
Eye ColorIndigo
Japanese VoiceMarina Inoue
English VoiceMichelle Rojas

35. Shiba Miyuki

Shiba Miyuki
Credit: myotakuworld

She is the main heroine of the 2014 school battle anime “The Irregular at Magic High School”.

She is the younger sister of the main character.

She is a honor student with a gentle personality and a beautiful structure.

She is also a powerful mage and she has a romantic feelings for her brother.

Her personality is very sweet and modest, actually she the perfect waifu material.

She is one of the cute anime girls whom I like most.

Name Shiba Miyuki
AgeBorn March 25, 2080
15 – Volume 1
20 – Magian Company
Height160 cm
Japanese VoiceSaori Hayami
English VoiceAnairis Quiñones

34. Kurisu Makise

She is the main heroine of the 2011 science adventure anime Steins; Gate.

She is a researcher majoring in brain science at the Institute of Brain Science, University of Victor Condria.

She is very sensible and very mature young woman who usually stays calm in every situation but also a tsundere.

NameKurisu Makise
BirthdateJuly 25th, 1992
Height160 cm (5’3″)
Weight45 kg
Hair colorChestnut (games)
Red (anime)
Eye ColorImperial violet
Japanese VoiceAsami Imai
English VoiceTrina Nishimura

33. Chris Yukine

 Chris Yukine

She is the main character of the 2013 anime “Senki Zesshou Symphogear“.

She is a hybrid of a feminine body and a masculine personality.

She is hot-headed, antagonistic and aggressive who don’t trust people easily.

But still her character and her cuteness she is loved by a lot of anime fans and that’s why she is on the list.

Name Chris Yukine
Age16 (S1-G)
17 (GX-AXZ)
18 (XV E2 onwards)
BirthdateDecember 28, 2026
Hair colorLavender or White
Eye ColorPurple
Japanese VoiceAyahi Takagaki

32. Kanna Kamui

Kanna Kamui
Ⓒ Coolkyousinn Futabasha / Dragon Life Improvement Committee

How can be this list complete with out Kanna?

She is the main character of the 2017 cross-species anime “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”.

She is a soft spoken and quite girl whose appearance like a dragon with two horns, white feathers and a tail.

The slightly sleepy eyes, silvery hair, strange costumes, and plump legs are all cute!!!

Otaku fell in love with her cute voice and character.

She is one of the cute anime girls who have a good fan following.

NameKanna Kamui
Age9 (appearance)
Birthdate Unknown
Hair colorWhite-lavender
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese VoiceMaria Naganawa
English VoiceJad Saxton

31. Nana Ebina

source: YouTube

She is one of the female character of 2015 anime “Himouto Umaru-Chan”.

She has a weak personality with lack of self confidence and extremely shy.

She sometimes stammer and blushes while talking.

But she is very gentle and nice.

Name Nana Ebina
Birthdate October 22nd
Hair colorCherry Brown
Eye ColorCherry Brown
Japanese VoiceAkari Kageyama
English VoiceSara Ornelas

30. Rikka Takanashi

She is the character of the 2012 comedy anime “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai”.

She is the main heroine with two illness in active duty.

Self-proclaimed as “Tyrant’s Eye”, most of her words and actions are Chuunibyou (early teens who have grandiose delusions).

She is an ordinary cute girl, but her unique character is very attractive.

NameRikka Takanashi
Age15 (S1)
16 (S2)
17 (Movie)
Birthdate June 12 (gemini)
Height150 cm (4’11”)
Weight 47 kg (104 lbs)
Japanese VoiceMaaya Uchida
English VoiceMargaret McDonald

29. Ema Yasuhara

Source: YouTube

She is one of the main characters of the 2014 anime “SHIROBAKO”.

She is an animator who is very shy and lack confidence.

But she is a very soft spoken and nice girl.

Name Ema Yasuhara
Age26 (Movie)
22 (Episode 13)
21 (Episode 1)
17 (Chapter 1)
Hair colorBlack
Eye ColorGreen
Japanese VoiceHaruka Yoshimura
English VoiceSavanna Menzel

28. Sagiri Izumi

Sagiri Izumi

She is the main heroine of the 2017 romantic comedy anime “Eromanga Sensei”.

She is a girl who don’t like to get along with others.

She loves drawing.

She is a quiet and very shy girl; she gets embarrassed very easily.

She is one of the cute girls who famous for her cuteness.

NameSagiri Izumi
Birthdate December 10
Height148.5 cm
Weight 46kg
Hair colorSilver
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese VoiceAkane Fujita

27. Hifumi Takimoto

 Hifumi Takimoto

She is the character from 2016 anime “NEW GAME”.

She is a shy girl who avoids talking with people directly, but she gradually improves after meeting the main character.

As a result employees contact her through the company’s computer messenger system to not to make her uncomfortable.

As a result, employees contact her through the company’s computer messenger system so as not to make her uncomfortable.

But she can be very lively and cheerful sometimes.

Name Hifumi Takimoto
Age21-23(Initial appearance)
Birthdate January 23rd
Height162 cm
Hair colorPurple
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese VoiceMegumi Yamaguchi
English VoiceJill Harri

26. Violet Evergarden

She is the main character of the 2018 fantasy drama anime “Violet Evergarden”.

She is a former child soldier with rugged prosthetic hands on both arms.

A healthy girl who continues to admire her former boss and continues to search for the meaning of “I love you” just before she lost him.

From childhood, she was raised as a weapon and not like a human being, which made her expressionless who doesn’t understand human feelings.

She is one of the popular cute anime girl who is famous among otakus.

You will definitely love her character and fall in love with her.  

Name Violet Evergarden

Late teens 18
Birthdate June 27th
Height161 cm
Hair colorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese VoiceYui Ishikawa
English VoiceErika Harlacher

25. Mai Sakurajima

She is the main heroine of the 2018 youth anime “Bunny Girl Senpai”.

She is type B tsundere, she isn’t harsh by default but she can be very annoyed and violent sometime.

But she is very sensitive, polite, levelheaded, helpful, and kind.

Her character is a perfect waifu material.

She is one of the cute anime girls I like most, you will definitely love her.

NameMai Sakurajima
Birthdate December 2
Height5’5″ (165 cm)
Weight 49 kg
Hair colorGrey 
Eye ColorViolet
Japanese VoiceAsami Seto
English Voice

24. Kaname Buccaneer

Kaname Buccaneer
Credit: Fandom

She is one of the character of the 2016 science fiction robot anime “Macross Delta”.

She is the leader of the tactical music unit “Walküre”.

She is act as a big sister who manage everything in the team.

NameKaname Buccaneer
Birthdate June 8, 2045
Height168 cm
Hair colorRed
Eye ColorMidnight Blue
Japanese VoiceKiyono Yasuno

23. Miyako Hoshino

Miyako Hoshino

She is one of the character of the 2019 anime “Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita“.

She is a collage student who is very shy around strangers and always try to avoiding contact.

She gets nervous easily and pretty lazy.

She has a crush on a female student named Hana Shirasaki, who happened to be her younger sister, Hinata, who is an elementary school student.

Although she is has a very cute personality that’s why she is in the list.

NameMiyako Hoshino
Birthdate September 9th
Height163cm (5’4″)
Hair colorBrown
Eye ColorMaroon
Japanese VoiceReina Ueda

22. Milim Nava

Milim Nava

She is one of the character of the 2018 anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”.

In the beginning she was like a short-tempered and childish Demon Lord but later she became very friendly.

She is a very powerful demon lord who behave like a child but very attractive and she is cute as hell.

NameMilim Nava
Hair colorPale Pink
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese VoiceRina Hidaka
English VoiceKristen McGuire

21. Ai Hayasaka

Cute Anime Girls
Credit: fandom

She is one of the character of the 2019 romantic comedy anime “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”.

She is the caretaker of one of the main characters, Kaguya Shinomiya.

She is a high school student who also work as a servant of a chaebol.

She can be very cool and cheerful depending on the place and situation.

She is also an ordinary girl who longs for love, and many fans are attracted to her.

NameAi Hayasaka
Birthdate April 2nd
Hair colorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese VoiceYumiri Hanamori
English VoiceAmanda Lee

20. Yukina Himeragi

Yukina Himeragi

She is the main heroine of the school anime “Strike the Blood”. She is a junior high school girl who is an apprentice “Kenshi” with high fighting power. she became the guardian of the main character, Akatsuki Kojo, but later she came to call him a senior.
She has a very jealous personality.

NameYukina Himeragi
Birthdate January 7
Height156 cm (5’1″)
Hair colorDark Brown
Eye ColorGolden Brown
Japanese VoiceRisa Taneda

19. Rikka Takarada

Rikka Takarada

She is one of the main characters of the special effects anime “SSSS.GRIDMAN”, one of the heroines that this work is proud of.
A high school girl who is a classmate of the main character, Yuta Hibiki, and has a gentle personality while being dull.

NameRikka Takarada
Birthdate December 5, 2002
Height155 cm
Hair colorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese VoiceYume Miyamoto
English VoiceJill Harris

18. Kosaki Onodera

One of the heroines of the school romantic comedy anime “Nisekoi”, Ichijo Raku’s “Promised Girl”.

Kosaki Onodera is one of the double heroines that appears in “Nisekoi”. A character with different hairstyles on both sides. Kosaki is a very kind girl who is also caring. You can feel the strength of the core from the appearance of casually continuing to attack the dull hero, Ichijo Raku. In the popular character vote of the same work, it is a popular character that shines first in two consecutive times.
A high school girl with a gentle and gentle personality, she couldn’t confess because she wasn’t positive even though she thought about it comfortably.

NameKosaki Onodera
Age15 (1st Year Arc)
16 (2nd Year Arc)
17 (3rd Year Arc)
Birthdate June 15th
Height157 cm
Weight 43kg
Hair colorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Japanese VoiceKana Hanazawa

17. Natsuki Nakagawa

Cute Anime Girls

One of the characters in “Hibike! Euphonium”, a high school girl in charge of Euphonium.
Contrary to her unmotivated posture and aggressive appearance, she is actually clumsy and gentle and wise.

NameNatsuki Nakagawa
Birthdate June 23 
Height156 cm
Hair colorAuburn
Eye ColorViolet
Japanese VoiceKonomi Fujimura
English VoiceSarah Anne Williams

16. Hestia

Cute Anime Girls

She is the main heroine of fantasy anime “DanMachi”.
Although she is a god, she is in love with the main character Bell, without any greatness. It is famous for predominantly the world with the “string of the example”.

Height140 cm (4’7″)
Hair colorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese VoiceMinase Inori
English VoiceLuci Christian

15. Kei Karuizawa

Cute Anime Girls

A D-class high school girl who is one the character in the school anime “Classroom of the Elite”.
She used to be the top gal in the hierarchy, but since the trauma of junior high school, she has a parasitism habit, and since the parasite became the main character Kiyotaka Ayakoji, the standing position in the work and the popularity of fans have been great.

NameKei Karuizawa
BirthdayMarch 8
Height154 cm (5’½”)
Hair colorGold Gradient
Eye ColorViolet Gradient
Japanese VoiceAyana Taketatsu
English VoiceBryn Apprill

14. Megumi Kato

Cute Anime Girls

A high school girl who is the main heroine of the romantic comedy anime “Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend”.
At first, she was an air heroine that didn’t have a presence so much that it was hard to tell whether it was there or not, but gradually she showed overwhelming heroine power with the attribute of “a troublesome woman” and escaped from the boring heroine.

NameMegumi Kato
Age16 (beginning of series)
BirthdaySeptember 23 
Height160 cm
Hair colorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Japanese VoiceKiyono Yasuno
English VoiceCristina Valenzuela

13. Anchovy

Cute Anime Girls

The character of the tank anime “Girls und Panzer” and the captain of Anzio High School.
Although the main game was cut off, it was later complemented by an OVA, and since then, the ability and cheerful personality that put together Anzio High School has captured the hearts of fans and has become a top-class popular person. Her real name is Chiyomi Anzai, but no one calls him.

BirthdaySeptember 23rd
Height156 cm
Hair colorGrey
Japanese VoiceMaya Yoshioka
English VoiceKira Vincent-Davis

12. Junko Konno

Cute Anime Girls

A 19-year-old zombie who was a member of the idol group “Franchouchou” of the idol anime “Zombie Land Saga” and once dominated the world as a Showa idol. As an idol, she always aims for perfection, so she was struggling to get used to the current idol situation. But she was able to come to terms with the bonds with the members, and she has become the most popular idol who pulls the group with outstanding ikebo.

NameJunko Konno
Age19 (as of 1983 onwards)
53 (as of 2017 to “Episode 9”)
54 (“Episode 9” onwards)
55 (Sometime between “Episode 21” and “Episode 22”)
BirthdaySeptember 2, 1964
Height155cm (5’1″)
Hair colorGrey (Light)
Eye ColorRed (Zombie)
Light Blue (Human)
Japanese VoiceMaki Kawase
English VoiceAmanda Lee

11. Yui Yuigahama

Cute Anime Girls

She is one of the heroine of the romantic comedy anime “My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected”.
She has a strong impression of “Yaharo”, which has a gal-like appearance and has become a buzzword, but her actual personality is neither light nor bright, and she is an introverted high school girl who always cares about the surrounding air.
There was also the rise of Isshiki Iroha, but this child is probably the most popular.

NameYui Yuigahama
BirthdayJune 18
Hair colorDyed Light Brown (LN)
Light Orange (Anime)
Eye ColorBrown (LN)
Red (Anime)
Japanese VoiceNao Tōyama 
English VoiceCat Thomas

10. Megumin


She is one of the main character of the popular anime “Konosuba”.

A girl from a tribe full of Chuunibyo called “Red Demon”. Of course, she also has two illnesses during her active career.

she likes to wear black hair, red eyes, a black cloak, a black robe and a pointed hat.
The eyepatch, which is an essential item for patients with Chunibyo, is worn on the left eye, but of course it is meaningless.

Although she is an excellent wizard at the magic school, she has a history of being abandoned by other parties in order to immediately release the explosive magic.

Patients with Chuunibyo are ranked in again. Megumi isn’t cute in appearance (no, it’s cute in appearance!), But the character itself is cute!
Although she is a patient with Chuunibyo, she is a real witch, so it seems that her mischievous elements have diminished a little.

Age14 (current)
13 (former)
Around 17 (web novel)
BirthdayDecember 4th
Hair colorBrown
Eye ColorRed
Japanese VoiceTakahashi Rie (anime)
Uchida Maaya (Drama CD)
English VoiceErica Mendez

9. Rin Shima

Cute Anime Girls

The main character of the anime “Yurucamp”.
A solitary high school girl camper who loves solo cans, but she likes her own pace and is not unfriendly.
It features a large bun, but is sometimes given a strange hairstyle by a friend, Ena Saito.

NameRin Shima
BirthdayOctober 1
Height144 cm
Hair colordark-blue
Eye Colorpurple 
Japanese VoiceNao Tōyama

8. Eru Chitanda

Eru Chitanda

A high school girl who is the main heroine of the mystery anime “Hyoka”.
curious monster, as symbolized by the habit of “I’m curious”.
Although she is an orthodox beauty with long black hair, it is hard to say that she is a typical Yamato nadeshiko, which is still leading to its unabated popularity.

NameEru Chitanda
Birthday15 August
Height160 cm (5’3″)
Hair colorBlack
Eye ColorPurple 
Japanese VoiceSatomi Satō

7. Yui Hirasawa

© Kakifly / Houbunsha / Sakura High Light Sound Club

One of the main heroines of K-ON!.
The instruments in charge are lead guitar and vocals.
She was in the homecoming club until junior high school, but she decided to join the light music club because she misunderstood light music as “light music”.
After learning about the actual activities, she tried to decline once, but after listening to the performances of the other three people, she thought “I might be able to do it myself”.

“The heroine” type with a bright personality. The place that is a little natural’boke’s is also cute.
It seems that those who are studying are not good enough, and I was so absorbed in the guitar that I had to take a follow-up exam. (But this time, as soon as you concentrate on your studies, you can get 100 points.)

NameYui Hirasawa
BirthdayNovember 27, 1991
Height156 cm
Hair colorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Japanese VoiceAki Toyosaki

6. Nezuko Kamado

Cute Anime Girls

Nezuko Kamado, the heroine of “Kimetsu no Yaiba“, has a harsh fate of becoming a demon while being a heroine. It is a character to carry on his back. She can’t talk while she is talking, but she gets angry and happy, and she able to express your age-appropriate emotions.

NameNezuko Kamado
Age12 (Physically)
14 (Chronologically)
BirthdayDecember 28th
Height153 cm (5’0″)
Weight45 kg (99 lb)
Hair colorBlack (Human)
Black to Flame orange (Demon)
Eye ColorPale Pink (Demon)
Dark Pink (Human)
Japanese VoiceAkari Kitō
English VoiceAbby Trott

5. Yuko Yoshida

Cute Anime Girls

A high school girl who suddenly awoke to Mazoku one day as the main character of the Kirara daily anime “Machikado Mazoku”. However, her power is weak, and her nemesis, the pink magical girl Chiyoda Momo, has no hands or legs, and he spends her daily life and involved in a big crisis that shakes the city. 

NameYuko Yoshida
BirthdaySeptember 28
Hair colorAuburn
Eye ColorBrown
Japanese VoiceKonomi Kohara
English VoiceMonica Rial

4. Mafuyu Kirisu

Cute Anime Girls

She was expressionless, cold, and repeated cold words and deeds toward the students, but in reality she was a teacher with a gentle feeling for the students.

Although she is quite good as a teacher, she has many weaknesses such as being unable to clean up her room and not being able to cook at all in her private life.

Although she doesn’t usually show emotions, her appearance is really cute in front of the main character, such as the appearance of cockroaches crying and shy scenes.

NameMafuyu Kirisu
30+(Route 5/5)
BirthdayDecember 28
Hair colorPink (Dark)
Eye ColorCyan
Japanese VoiceLynn

3. Miku Nakano

Cute Anime Girls

Miku The heroine of the quintuplets that appears in “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride“. Nakano Miku is the third daughter of her sisters. A girl with impressive bangs and headphones that hide one eye. Compared to her sociable sisters, she is one step behind, but after she realizes her favor for Kazetaro, the scene of dere will increase.

NameMiku Nakano
18 (from Ch. 79)
BirthdayMay 5 2000
Height159 cm (5’3″)
165 cm (5’5″)
Hair colorBrown
(range: pearl pink to beige brown)
Eye ColorBlue
Japanese VoiceAyane Sakura (commercial)
Miku Itou
English VoiceFelecia Angelle

2. Asuna

Cute Anime Girls

Her real name is Asuna Yuki. In the real world, she was a girl who grew up as a daughter of a good family and lived according to her parents. In the game “SAO” that she played by chance, decided to get involved in the death game. By meeting the main character Kirito, she have a strong will to survive the game. Since then, a person who has made efforts to become a top-class player in the game.

NameYuuki Asuna 
Age15 (Beginning of Aincrad Arc)
17 (End of Aincrad Arc, Fairy Dance Arc)
18 (Phantom Bullet Arc, Alicization Arc)
19 (Unital Ring Arc)
BirthdaySeptember 30, 2007
Height168 cm
Hair colorBrown (Chesnut)
Eye ColorHazel
Japanese VoiceTomatsu Haruka
English VoiceCherami Leigh

1. Rem

Cute Anime Girls
© Tappei Nagatsuki, published by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd./Re: Life in a Different World from Zero Production Committee

One of the main character of the Narō-kei different world transfer anime “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero”, a demon girl who continues to admire the main character Natsuki Subaru.

Twin sister and demon girl.

The main heroine is not Emilia, but the goods and popularity are overwhelming as if it were completely this child.

It’s no wonder that Rem, who has more turns than the heroine Emilia, and who thinks about the main character all at once, is cute and popular.

Age17 (Arc 1-2)
18 (Arc 3-4)
19 (Arc 5+)
BirthdayFebruary 2nd
Height1.54 m (5’1″)
Hair colorSky Blue
Eye ColorLight Blue
Japanese VoiceMinase Inori
English VoiceBrianna Knickerbocker

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