The white wall is dirty and difficult to clean? 6 steps to clean as white as new

The white wall is dirty and difficult to clean? 6 steps to clean as white as new
How to clean the children’s graffiti on the white wall?

The clean and flawless “white walls” create more choices for home furnishings, and also give the house a simple and bright sense of enlarged space. White is a versatile base color, so the “white wall” does not go against the furnishings of different materials and colors. The cold-textured stone and the warm and thick wood can all be reflected in the white wall. The visual temperature of the house.

Excluding the concept of home design, it is inevitable to consider the practical aspects. “White walls” will eventually, over time, gradually accumulated dirt and wear a clear, clean up were mostly cleaned once half a year is recommended. However, if there is significant contamination, such as surface dust, dirt, abrasion, or spider webs on the ceiling and wall corners, the cleaning frequency may have to be increased to avoid processing after six months, and the dirt will be more difficult to remove.

6 steps to clean white walls to restore whiteness as new

If a worker wants to do well, he must first sharpen his tools. To clean the wall, you need to prepare some tools, such as: dust collector or vacuum cleaner, mop or broom, microfiber cloth, nano decontamination technology sponge (magic eraser), non-abrasive sponge (non- abrasive sponge), mild detergent, natural baking soda powder or toothpaste , bucket. You don’t need to pursue high-tech new products or advertise specialized cleaning agents, just basic cleaning products will do! In addition, for self-protection to avoid allergies, don’t forget to prepare masks, gloves or hoods.

The white wall is dirty and difficult to clean? 6 steps to clean as white as new
Only basic cleaning supplies are needed to clean the white wall.

First step

Before cleaning the wall, you need to remove all the furnishings on the wall. This is also a good opportunity for comprehensive dust removal for walls, furniture, and accessories.

Second step

Cleaning the surface dust on the wall requires a little skill, and brute force is not enough, because “dust and dust” will only make the house more and more dirty.

You can use a vacuum cleaner or the dust brush of a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. If you don’t have these appliances, use a retractable dusting paper mop or broom covered with a chemical fiber cloth (such as microfiber cloth), which can also effectively clean the corners and ceilings. The dust.

The dust removal direction also needs to remove dust from a high place, and pay attention to the hardware part of the cleaning tool not to scratch the wall .

The white wall is dirty and difficult to clean? 6 steps to clean as white as new
The use of a retractable dust-removing paper mop can effectively remove cobwebs and floating dust between the corner and the ceiling.

Third step

Prepare a bucket and fill it with about one gallon of warm water (not hot water). Add a little mild detergent. Remember not to use too much to avoid too much soap foam, because the foam will absorb dirt and make it impossible to clean it.

If you want to use a more natural cleaning agent, baking soda is also a good choice, but the wall dirt is too tenacious and may be difficult to clean.

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Fourth step

This is an important step to test whether the cleaning solution will erode or damage the color and luster of the paint on the wall.

First, you can dip a little towel on the towel and adjust the cleaning solution yourself (the third step), try to wipe the back of the sofa or the wall behind the painting, and wait a few hours after wiping, and observe whether the wall paint or paint is It is as good as before, because some paints such as flat paint and eggshell paint are prone to staining or discoloration after cleaning.

Fifth step

Construction has officially started! Before cleaning the wall, use a non-abrasive sponge or cotton cloth to soak in the cleaning solution, take it out and wring it out, damp but not soaked, the intention is to prevent water stains on the wall and wall paint from foaming after being wetted by the liquid. Then gently apply force in a circular motion to clean the wall in sections. Because water droplets will drip down the wall, it is best to start cleaning from the top of the wall.

Sixth step

After cleaning the wall according to the fifth step, if you see obvious dirt or abrasion marks on the wall, such as mold, handprints or footprints, graffiti, then the nano decontamination technology sponge (magic eraser) can be sent Useful; after moistening with some water, squeeze out the excess water, then gently wipe the stained area, and then wipe off the water with a dry cloth or facial tissue. Be careful not to apply too much force to avoid self-defeating.

The white wall is dirty and difficult to clean? 6 steps to clean as white as new
If there is serious dirt and wall cancer on the wall, you can only contact the cleaning company at this time!

Maybe you have followed the above cleaning steps step by step to clean, but the dirt on the wall remains unchanged, or the wall paint is peeling off and there are many water stains, then you may wish to consider “repainting the entire wall”! Because it is not wise to paint a certain “dirty spot” on the wall. New paint, old paint, and faded paint will have different levels of tones. Even the same color of paint, the gloss will be different.

In addition to repainting the walls, if some walls turn yellow or black, water stains, brown smoke stains, and wall cancers that are difficult to wear off, you can only contact the cleaning company at this time. Because of the continuous occurrence of “wall cancer”, the best way is not to paint, but to find the source of the leak and repair it before it can be cured.

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