How to keep the smell fresh and pleasant at home and keep it comfortable

Home is a place for us to rest. A fresh home will relax people’s spirits. A Nobel Prize-winning study found that after smelling a pleasant scent , our mood may improve by 40%.In daily life, we need to ensure that the smell at home is pleasant, and we need to clean up the source of odor in time. Here are some ways you can get rid of the odor in the home to keep our home comfortable.


Moisture can breed mold and dust mites in the room, which is a major cause of odor in the room. According to the US government’s ENERGY STAR recommendations, the ideal indoor humidity should be between 30% and 50%. You can use a hygrometer to measure the humidity in the room, and use a dehumidifier to remove dampness.

Moisture is also easily absorbed by the clothes in the closet, causing the clothes to produce unpleasant odors. You can put some moisture-absorbing bags in the closet and reduce the number of times you open the closet door to keep the clothes fresh.

One of the most humid places in the room is the bathroom. It is necessary to deal with the water in the bathroom in time. The used wet towel can be hung on the heated towel rack to let it dry as soon as possible.


Household trash cans, pet beds, and cat litter boxes will directly produce peculiar smells and need to be cleaned up in time.

You can choose a smaller trash can. Because the more times you take out the trash, the less odor is generated in the trash can, especially in summer. Trash cans should be thoroughly cleaned once a month. Usually, you can sprinkle some baking soda into the trash can to absorb the odor.

The litter box should be cleaned every day, and then thoroughly cleaned once every 2 to 3 weeks. Usually the litter box should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. Pet beds should also be cleaned regularly. In addition to removing the peculiar smell, it can also prevent pets from getting skin diseases.


The refrigerator also emits an odor. You can keep fresh vegetables, meat, etc. sealed; throw away expired food; for opened cans of condiments, even if they are not expired, check whether they are spoiled, because when you scoop them with a spoon, it is likely to bring in bacteria , Causing spoilage of condiments.

Clean the refrigerator regularly to remove odors. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the following methods to clean the refrigerator: 1. Throw away expired food; 2. Take out the remaining food and put it in a proper place outside the refrigerator, and remove the refrigerator accessories, including partitions, food boxes, etc.; 3. Wash these accessories with hot soapy water, and then dry them with a clean towel; 4. Wipe the refrigerator with hot soapy water, then wipe off the soapy water with clean water, and dry the refrigerator with a clean towel; 5. Combine the refrigerator accessories with the previous Put the removed food back.

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Carpets, curtains, pillows and other home decorations containing fabrics are easy to accumulate dirt and absorb smells. If we accidentally spill things on the fabric sometimes, we may have cleaned up the surface stains and failed to clean up the deep stains that penetrated into the fabric. This part of the stains will cause bacteria to multiply and produce odors.

There are different treatment methods for different fabrics. For pillows and curtains, we can clean them by referring to the product label.

For carpets, we need to vacuum regularly, and clean up immediately when accidents occur. For example, for pets and soups, enzyme cleaners can be used, which can effectively decompose biological stains. If there is a large area of ​​peculiar smell, you can use baking soda to sprinkle a thin layer on the carpet and let it stand overnight (at this time, avoid pets and babies staying in this area), and use a vacuum cleaner the next day The maximum suction power can clean the carpet, which can remove the odor. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned once a year. Good maintenance can extend the life of the carpet.

Other deodorant methods

Activated carbon bag

Hang the activated carbon bag in the room and closet, or put it in the trash can to effectively absorb the smell. However, activated carbon has a service life. It is physically adsorbed. After a period of time, its micropores are fully absorbed, and then it has no effect. When to replace the carbon package, please refer to the product label. In addition, if the relative humidity exceeds 85%, activated carbon will not work. At this time, a dehumidifier should be used to remove dampness first.

Add a hint of aroma

If you like the smell of the room , you can add baking soda to a coffee filter paper bag, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, tie the mouth of the paper bag, and put it in a drawer or closet. It can absorb unpleasant smells and give off aromas.

In addition, to make the whole house smelly, you can put about ten drops of essential oil on the filter when you change the filter of the heating system in your home, and the aroma will spread to the whole house along with the flow of air.

Natural fragrance

Family public spaces are places for the whole family to do activities and guests stay. If you want to add fragrance to these spaces, it is better to use natural fragrance sources, such as flowers, fruits, tea, etc. But also pay attention, some flowers are too strong, some pollen can make people allergic, these are not suitable for indoor.

Finally, remember to open windows to ventilate your room , even in winter. This is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate immediate odors in the room.

Our sense of smell is very special. It is connected to the olfactory cortex in our brain responsible for emotions and memory. Rachel Herz, associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University, Rhode Island, once wrote in The Scent of Desire: Memory triggered by smell is related to Compared with other senses, it can evoke our emotions and memories. A familiar but long forgotten smell can even make people cry.

We all feel this way, and sometimes a food aroma reminds us of our home. May wish to clean up the home environment according to the above suggestions to keep our home smell fresh and leave a good memory to the family.

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