The Many Saints of Newark Release date Confirmed!

The Many Saints of Newark Release date

Warner Bros has announced the release date for its new movie, The Many Saints of Newark. 

It will be directed by Alan Taylor and will function as a prequel to the classic detective series: The Sopranos.

David Chase, creator of the television show, wrote the screenplay in collaboration with Lawrence Conner. The film is set in the 1960s and features a young Tony Soprano played by Michael Gandolfini.

The Many Saints of Newark will focus on the Newark Riots of the 1960s: five days of violence in New Jersey City sparked by the beating of a black man at the hands of white police officers.

This fact opened the door to a rivalry between African-American and Italian-American gangsters which resulted in several fights, leaving 26 dead and 700 wounded. At the same time, we will see the formation of a young Tony Soprano who tries to make his way into criminal families.

Michael Gandolfini is the son of James Gandolfini, the original protagonist of The Sopranos. He was also recently seen in the trailer for Cherry, a movie in which he stars alongside Tom Holland.

The cast also includes stars such as Vera Farmiga, John Bernthal, Ray Liotta, Alessandro Nivola and Billy Magnussen, among others.


  • Vera Farmiga – Livia Soprano
  • Leslie Odom Jr. – Harold McBrayer 
  • Jon Bernthal – Johnny Boy Soprano 
  • Billy Magnussen – Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri 
  • Ray Liotta – Aldo ‘Hollywood Dick’ Moltisanti 
  • Corey Stoll – Junior Soprano 
  • John Magaro – Silvio Dante 
  • Daryl Edwards – Julius 
  • Gabriella Piazza – Joanne Moltisanti 
  • Chase Vacnin – Jackie April 
  • Lesli Margherita – Iris Balducci 
  • Alexandra Intrator – Janice Soprano 
  • Samson Moeakiola – Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero 
  • Michela De Rossi – Giuseppina Bruno 

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The Many Saints of Newark Release Date

The film was originally scheduled to hit the big screen in March 2021. However, Warner has announced a new release date for the prequel to The Sopranos.

The Many Saints of Newark will premiere on Oct. 1 in the U.S., while U.K. moviegoers will actually get it a little bit earlier on Sept 22.


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