6 tips for mosquito prevention in the courtyard

6 tips for mosquito prevention in the courtyard
The epidemic eased a little bit, and finally you can go outdoors to get some breath. 
But there is a hard job in summer, that is, the offensive and defensive battle with the mosquitoes. 
Do you want to be instantly invisible when facing the Mosquito Corps? 

In summer, the epidemic eased slightly, and finally you can go outdoors to breathe, gather with friends, barbecue in the garden , watch the moon on the terrace , chat by the pool, and even camp in the wild. But there is another hard job in the summer, which is the offensive and defensive battle with the mosquitoes . Some people especially get mosquito bites. In summer, you must make various anti-mosquito strategies to go out. Otherwise, if you walk for less than 20 minutes, others will be fine, but they will be bitten by mosquitoes and have at least 30 swellings on their legs. , And some mosquitoes can spread diseases such as malaria and West Nile fever.

Do you want to be instantly invisible when facing the Mosquito Corps? In order to prevent mosquitoes and itching, there are legends that mosquitoes love to bite sweets, coffee can repel mosquitoes, and toothpaste can relieve itching. Which ones are true? What are the rumors?

Of course, we can’t really kill the mosquitoes. Biologists say that mosquitoes play an important role in the food chain of our ecosystem. The larvae of mosquitoes are food for fish, amphibians and aquatic insects, while adults are food for birds, bats and other insects. Once the mosquitoes become extinct, these animals are in danger of running out of food.

In addition to hanging a few mosquito traps in the courtyard, there are some more effective ways to build an anti-mosquito fortress in your own courtyard to prevent these blood-sucking little guys from getting over the thunder pond, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities at ease fun of.

★ Keep the courtyard dry to prevent mosquitoes

Mosquitoes like a humid, dark, and cool environment. The first step in a mosquito repellent strategy is to keep it dry and sunny. The rainy season is the most vigorous season for mosquitoes to reproduce. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water. Once the rainy season comes, they begin to hatch. In an environment of 20 degrees Celsius, they will grow into adult mosquitoes within 2 weeks. Therefore, avoid placing any containers that can accumulate water in the yard, including pet food bowls, bird baths, children’s inflatable pools, trash cans, and tarps. In the hot and humid summer, remember to move the potted plants that tend to accumulate water indoors. They are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

★ Grow mosquito repellent plants that mosquitoes are afraid of

Most mosquito repellent plants can make mosquitoes retreat, precisely because mosquitoes are afraid of their natural fragrance. If you don’t want the smell of chemical insect repellent in your courtyard, you might as well plant mosquito repellent plants such as lavender, basil and catnip grass in places where guests will stay, such as around courtyard seats or porches. Their extracts can repel mosquitoes. , And aromatic and pleasant.

Other mosquito repellent plants such as mint, rosemary, sage, lemongrass, etc. Crush the leaves of these plants and apply the juice to the skin to prevent mosquitoes. Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of cedar oil. Cedar mulch is often used to spread on the ground. In addition to preventing mosquitoes, it can also absorb excess water.

★ Install a fan to prevent mosquitoes

If there is a breeze at night, it seems that mosquitoes cannot be too rampant. One of the reasons is that the speed of mosquitoes is only 1 to 1.5 miles per hour, so even a light breeze will make it difficult for mosquitoes to land on people. However, the most important reason should be that the breeze dries the sweat on the body and blows off the carbon dioxide that people exhale, because mosquitoes love sweat, and carbon dioxide can also attract mosquitoes. Remember to put a few electric fans on the terrace.

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★ Properly attract mosquitoes

Although humans hate mosquitoes, there are still many animals in the food chain that like to prey on mosquitoes. All kinds of migratory songbirds, sparrows and swallows like to hunt mosquitoes. It is recommended to hang feeders in every corner of the backyard to attract birds. If there is a large pond in the garden, you can raise some koi, goldfish or red-eared slider turtle (red-eared slider turtle), which can also effectively inhibit the reproduction of mosquitoes.

★ Put mosquito traps or anti-mosquito candles around the courtyard

Some vanilla plants and essential oils are natural mosquito-repellent coils with good anti-mosquito effects. For example, citronella, lemongrass and chrysanthemum are non-toxic natural mosquito coils. Put a slice of lemon, a slice of lime, tea light, a little rosemary and clean water into a glass to make a natural mosquito incense candle. When dining outdoors, light candles to keep mosquitoes away from the food.

The other is to use mosquito traps and courtyard outdoor mosquito repellents, such as the courtyard mosquito repellent produced by Thermacell. There is also a kind of yellow LED mosquito repellent lamp which is light and handy. The effect of mosquito repellent is better than traditional white bulbs. Because mosquitoes are afraid of yellow light, mosquitoes will stop as soon as the yellow light is on.

★ Spray anti-mosquito liquid

In addition to preparing for mosquito control in your own yard, you should not neglect the last line of defense, which is to spray anti-mosquito liquid on your body. Deet anti-mosquito liquid is very effective, but the anti-mosquito liquid made of aromatic essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon and clove is also effective and has a better smell. In addition, it is best to wear loose-fitting, light-colored, long-sleeved clothes, and long trousers , which are less likely to attract mosquitoes. Dark colors tend to attract mosquitoes. Try not to wear sandals to expose your feet, because mosquitoes often target body parts that are prone to sweat and breed bacteria.

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