What is cruelty free makeup? Best cruelty free products

What is cruelty free makeup

What is cruelty free makeup or cosmetics? Sometimes when we look at the introduction of cosmetics brands, we can see the words cruelty free brand, which may be accompanied by the words animal-free skin care products. I wonder if you can understand the meaning of these words when you look at it? Do you know what cruelty free cosmetics mean? Why not come and have a look!

What is cruelty free makeup mean

Cruelty free refers to the certification of products that do not use animal experiments and do not have animal ingredients in order to treat animals. Therefore, cruelty free cosmetics refer to cosmetics that do not use animal experiments and do not add animal ingredients.

What does the cruelty free brand stand for

Cruelty free brand means to do the following three points:

  • Do not do or commission others to do new animal experiments.
  • Only use new materials that can prove safe to humans without using animal experiments.
  • refuse to sell in countries that require animal experiments cosmetics brand. 

Now there are more than 500 cruelty free beauty brands in the world, and these brands are all cruelty-free brands recognized internationally.

What are the cruelty free makeup brand or skin care products

Here are some cruelty free products:

1. Lush

cruelty free products

Lush is a British cosmetics brand. Its history can be traced back to the 1970s. The current Lush brand was established in 1994 and is also an old brand. The raw materials of Lush’s products are all natural materials collected from the world. Such as organic fruits, vegetables, flowers and first-class aromatherapy oils, and are all handmade. Lush’s products do not conduct any animal testing, avoid the use of artificial chemicals and preservatives, and use simple and environmentally friendly packaging. So many people think of Lush when it comes to natural skin care products.

2. Athe

Athe is a vegan beauty and skin care brand from Korea. As a vegan brand, athe refuses to use animal ingredients and does not conduct animal experiments in the entire development and production system. Athe’s products all use a single production line and have been certified by a vegan certification body. The packaging used in the product is also environmentally friendly packaging that can be recycled. For example, the representative double lifting series includes toners, lotions, eye creams, essences, sprays and other products. They are all rich in Swiss flower yeast derived from two fermentations. The ingredients are mild and natural, and the effects are also very outstanding. While protecting the skin, right Nature Also very friendly. As a natural skin care brand, the natural safety of the product and the vegan brand concept make it popular in Korea.

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3. ELF

The brand elf is very popular in Europe, America, Australia and other places. Low-priced, high-quality elf also uses innovative technology and pure plant environmentally friendly formula, no animal testing, ultra-low allergies, is an out-and-out natural skin care brand. In recent years, it has been popular among young people and is often reported by fashion media. It has dual elements of fashion and nature, and it is worth a try.

4.Youth to the People

cruelty free cosmetics

Youth to the People is a vegan skincare brand from the United States. The brand insists on using clean ingredients as raw materials, using vegan formulas and environmentally friendly packaging. The raw materials used by the brand include a variety of ingredients that are very beneficial to health, as well as some food materials that can help improve certain diseases, cold-pressed extracts, natural plant ingredients, and so on. According to the exclusive distribution of scientific customization, it is made into environmentally friendly health skin care products. Let food protect the skin, it sounds magical and at ease.

If you also want to try a vegan life and learn more about cruelty free cosmetics, then these natural skin care products are a good choice.

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