Google Doodle Celebrates Rudolf Weigl: Who was he & his cause of death?

Rudolf Weigl

Today, Google is celebrating the 138th birthday of Rudolf Weigl with a doodle. We introduce you to the Doodle and tell you the life story of the biologist.

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to the biologist Rudolf Weigl. He would have been 138 on September 2, 2021. The doodle in honor of the Polish researcher shows Weigl at work in the laboratory.

In this article we will tell you more about today’s Google Doodle and explain what makes the work of the Polish biologist Rudolf Weigl so special.

Did Google Honor Rudolf Weigl on Google Doodle?

Today’s Google Doodle shows Rudolf Weigl at work – the biologist is evidently shown developing his vaccine against spotted fever. You can see Rudolf Weigl in his younger years when he was active in the field of zoology in his laboratory – this is also indicated by the insects depicted in the background of the doodle.

The focus of the illustration is Rudolf Weigl himself – but the Google lettering can also be easily recognized: The capital “G” is shown as a microscope, the two following “o” are indicated by two pistons. The “l” is symbolized by a test tube, the “g” and the last “e” have no special visualization.

Today’s Doodle is shown not only in USA, but also in Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, India and Australia , among others.

Who is Rudolf Weigl?

Rudolf Stefan Weigl was born on September 2, 1883 in Przerow (formerly Austria-Hungary, now the Czech Republic). He studied biological sciences at Lwow University in Poland and was appointed to the Polish army as a parasitologist in 1914.

Weigl used body lice to research a vaccine against typhus. In 1936 there were first beneficiaries of the active ingredient. During World War II, when Germany occupied Poland, Weigl opened a vaccine production facility. He hired friends and colleagues who were at risk of persecution under the new regime. With the action he saved about 5000 people through his direct efforts as well as through the vaccination doses.

Today Weigl is considered a remarkable scientist and hero. His work was honored with two nominations for the Nobel Prize!

What is the cause of death?

After World War II, Weigl moved to the mountains of Poland and spent his life there.

The scientist died in August 1957 at the age of 74.

The cause of Weigl’s death has not been clarified.

Rudolf Weigl was an expert on the importance of medicine to combat epidemics Information: Alamy.

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