Google Doodle Celebrate Vietnam’s National Day

Google Doodle Celebrate Vietnam's National Day

Google Doodle Celebrate Vietnam’s National Day. On the morning of September 2, when entering the homepage of Google, many people will feel quite surprised and interesting when the logo of this search engine appears the image of the Vietnamese flag flying above the red Google text.

Readers will also be taken to the content explaining the birth of Vietnam National Day (September 2) when clicking on the above icon.

According to Google, in this sacred moment, the Vietnamese flag was raised as a symbol of the country. Therefore, this year’s doodle celebrating Vietnam’s National Day used the image of the Vietnamese national flag flying in the blue sky.

Instead of using still images as before, Google has designed this year’s Vietnam National Day doodle in the form of an animation.

Google shared about the new doodle that, during today’s National Day celebration, Vietnamese people often hang the flag in front of their house or spend this holiday to travel. Although this year’s celebrations are somewhat different as many people have to stay at home due to the impact of the pandemic, the message of national solidarity is still spread, that the Vietnamese people are always united and stronger.

Google Doodle Celebrate Vietnam's National Day

The iconic images of Google or Google Doodle are no longer strange to Internet users. Google Doodles are special icons that temporarily replace the Google logo on the homepage.

They often appear on special occasions, birthdays of celebrities, global influencers, etc.

The purpose of the introduction of Google Doodle is to bring freshness to users. In addition, Google also wants to use these iconic images as a tool to promote, honor, and celebrate.

National Day, September 2, 2021 is an important event for Vietnamese people. Also, on this day 76 years ago, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence at the historic Ba Dinh Square, giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

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