Who was The First YouTuber in India?

Do you know who was the first Youtuber in India? YouTube was created on February 14 in 2005, and officially lunched on December 15, but it came to India in 2008. Right now, there are more than 225 million active users per hour and more than 31 million channels in India in 2021.

It became more popular because it was the source of entertainment, Education etc. And because of its partner program, it became of the earning source for some people. Because it is easy to make money just by uploading your videos or just streaming on YouTube. According to the source, there are 225 million active users on YouTube every hour in India. Today we see many YouTubers lives a luxury lifestyle, such as Carminati, Bhuvan Bam and Amit Bhadana. They are one of India’s top YouTubers, watched and followed by many people in India. But do you know the first Youtuber of IndiaWhat was the first channel created in India?

Well, the first Indian YouTube channel of India is ASOKA007, which has more than 6k subs currently. He created his channel on October 16, 2005, yes before YouTube lunch in India. He uploaded a total number of 6 videos on his channel. Which title are “KADAL YANAI“, “눈의 꽃“, “tamil-Kadal desam anbe anbe“, “kadalan (tamil)“, “tamil-thalabatahi” & “nilavee wa“. Right now, he has a total number of 4,694,870 views on his channel. Unfortunately, we don’t know about the channel owner right now because there is nothing available on the internet about him.

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