Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date: How far is the manga?

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2

Many otaku around the have one common question, is Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 happening? Is there a possibility of producing the second sequel to the anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”? If so, we are considering and anticipating when the broadcast date will start. The original Japanese name of the anime is Kanojo mo Kanojo.

Also, it is a must-see for fans, as it also summarizes where (from what volume to how many volumes) the animation 1st and 2nd period of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” will be visualized in the original manga.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend season 2 latest information

No official announcement at this time

title Girlfriend, Girlfriend (Kanojo mo Kanojo)
How to readKanojo Mokajo
MagazineWeekly Shonen Magazine
Animation production companyTezuka Productions
Anime broadcast start dateFrom July 2021
Number of storiesall? Talk
Anime broadcasting stationMainichi Broadcasting System, TBS, etc.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is based on the manga that is still serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine by the author, Hiroyuki. The serialization began in 2020, but the original work is extremely popular, with the animation being announced in eight months, the fastest in the history of Weekly Shonen Magazine.

The content of the synopsis is a shocking development that the story begins with a forbidden bifurcated dating. Usually, when it comes to bifurcation, the secret is often revealed and it falls into a muddy state, but “Kanojo mo girlfriend” has agreed that all three are bifurcated dating!

Also, the heroine is cute and attractive only for Weekly Shonen Magazine, which has been hitting popular romantic comedy works one after another, such as “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride “and” She, I will borrow “

The topic of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is such a topic, but the long-awaited anime started broadcasting in July 2021! Many people are wondering if there is a possibility of producing the second season of anime.

There are no official announcement the production of the sequel yet, but in this article, we thoroughly examine the possibility of producing the second season of the anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”!

How far will the current anime 1st period be drawn in the original manga? Where does the second season of anime begin? We have compiled the latest information that you are interested in, so please enjoy it till the end.

Will there be Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2

Consideration from the stock of the original manga

When analyzing the possibility of producing the second season of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” animation, the first thing to look for is the stock of the original manga. If the original manga has already been completed and all of it can be drawn in the first period of animation, it will be physically impossible to make a sequel.

SeasonOriginal manga volume
The first period of animationOriginal manga Volumes 1 to 4

The latest manga of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is the latest 7 volumes as of August 24, 2021. Since the serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine has just started in 2020, the number of volumes is small among the animated manga.

Of these, it is expected that volumes 1 to 4 of the original manga will be drawn in the first period of animation. In that case, the remaining stock number will be 3 volumes.

If when the animation second term also stock the number of original comic at the same pace was thought to be digested, but you will not have enough sentence, Volume 1, “she also she” is released one after another new book in the high pace of two to three month intervals are I am.

Therefore, it seems that you do not have to worry about the problem that there is not enough stock left to produce the second period of animation!

Consideration from the sales of the original manga

Next, we will check the sales of the original manga. As of June 2021, the cumulative circulation of the “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” series has exceeded 900,000.

Looking only at the sales of books and comics, the numbers are unsatisfactory, but considering that the release of one volume of books is June 17, 2020, and only about a year has passed since the release, it is quite a fast pace.

In some cases, such as “Tokyo Revengers,” the popularity of anime has ignited at once, and sales of books have more than tripled. You can expect the sales of.

Consideration from disk sales

Next, we will explore the possibility of producing the second season of anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” from the sales of discs such as Blu-ray and DVD.

Generally, when the average sales of discs exceed 4,000 to 5,000, the animation production committee will be in the black, and it is said that it is easy to make a sequel.

titleAverage number of sales
The first period of animation?? Sheet

There are two types of discs for “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, Blu-ray and DVD, and a total of four volumes are scheduled to be released. One of these volumes is scheduled to be released on October 6, 2021, so the sales of discs are unknown at this time.

However, Amazon has already accepted reservations and you can check the top-selling ranking. Looking at the ranking as of August 24, 2021, it was ranked 462th in the Blu-ray animation category and 576th in the animation (DVD) category.

Considering that the release of one disc is still more than a month away, it is ranked in a reasonable ranking.

Recently, even with popular anime, sales of discs are often sluggish, so I can’t let my guard down, but the romantic comedy works of the same Weekly Shonen Magazine, “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride 2nd Term” and “She, I’ll Borrow” are discs. The sequel production was announced despite the poor sales.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is only an anime sold as a neo-standard romantic comedy, so if you can expect some profit from other factors, there is a good chance that you will be involved in the second phase of anime production regardless of the sales of the disc.

Consideration from the popularity of video distribution

Other than disk sales, you can expect big profits from video distribution. Currently, it is the heyday of subscription, so even if the sales of discs are not strong, it is easy for the anime sequel to gain momentum if the video distribution is popular.

There are two main types of revenue from video distribution: “Revenue from exclusive distribution” and “Revenue from the number of views”, but there is no video distribution service that exclusively distributes “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”.

Therefore, attention will be focused on the profit according to the number of views, but the popularity ranking of the video distribution service will be helpful to see how much it is being played.

Looking at the popularity rankings of major video distribution services as of August 24, 2021, it was ranked 11th in U-NEXT and 16th in the weekly ranking of d anime stores.

Looking at this ranking, it seems that it will be decided whether or not to produce the second period of animation by comprehensively judging the sales of discs and goods, etc., because it is not the level that the second period production is decided immediately only by the popularity of video distribution.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 release date

titleBroadcast periodInterval with the previous work
The first period of animationFrom July 2021– –

If the second season of the anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” was produced, when would the broadcast date be? Usually, no matter how popular an anime is, there is usually a broadcast interval of one year or more from the previous work.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is positioned as a neo-standard romantic comedy, but it is not as popular as the “Quintessential Quintessential Bride” of the same romantic comedy work.

It was announced that the first period of animation will be broadcast from July to September 2020, and the second period of animation will be broadcast in 2022, referring to “She, I will borrow” which seems to be close in popularity.

The specific broadcast date has not been announced yet, but considering that “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” will have a similar schedule, we expect that the second season of anime will be broadcast in 2023!

How many volumes of the original manga are in the first and second seasons of anime? (From where to where?)

Finally, I will summarize how many volumes (from where to where) of the original manga will be drawn in the first and second periods of the anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”. Looking at the Blu-ray & DVD information, it consists of 4 volumes, and the 1st volume contains the 1st to 3rd episodes of the animation.

Therefore, there is a high possibility that the first period of animation will consist of 12 episodes in one course instead of two cool broadcasts . And the 8th episode, “I like it no matter how you look at it,” which is the latest episode of the anime that was broadcast the other day, is equivalent to 23 episodes of the original manga volume 3.

Since each episode of the anime is animated at the pace of 3 episodes of the original manga, if you proceed at this pace, it is highly possible that the first period of the animation will be up to 36 episodes of the 4 volumes of the original manga.

In the flow of the story, the main character Naoya Mukai goes on a hot spring trip with the heroines Saki Saki and Nagisa Minase, and the fourth woman who likes Naoya, Shino Kiryu, gets involved. is not it!

Even if you look at the official website of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, Saki Saki, Nagisa Minase, Rika Hoshizaki (Mirika), and Shino Kiryu are all in line, so it’s a good break for the story.

In that case, the second period of animation will be from the 5th volume of the original manga, but if it is animated at the same pace as the 1st period, the 5th volume of the original manga to the 8th volume that has not been seen yet will be visualized. It seems likely that it will be done.

Summary: Girlfriend, Girlfriend has a 60% chance of making a sequel to her second term

  • There are 60% chance of making Girlfriend, Girlfriend season 2
  • Broadcast date is expected to be around 2023
  • The second season of anime is expected to be 5 to 8 volumes of the original manga

This is the second season of the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, but considering the sales forecast of the disc and the popularity of video distribution, it will definitely be produced! It’s hard to say, but it’s a work that conveys the strength of the production side, such as being animated at the fastest speed in the history of Weekly Shonen Magazine.

In addition, even if the sales of discs have exploded recently, there are many cases where they are produced until the second period of animation, and sequels to popular romantic comedy works such as “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride” and “She, I will borrow” are produced. Considering that it has been done, there is a 60% chance of a second production in the situation.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” also stands out for the individuality of the characters that appear in it, and because it depicts the bifurcated dating where love-hate drama is usually unfolded in a pop and funny way, it seems to be an anime that both men and women can enjoy.

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