U.S. School Mask Wearing Spreads Conflict with State Government forbidden

U.S. School Mask Wearing Spreads Conflict with State Government
Staff and parents protesting Salt Lake County’s decision to “protect children” 

In the United States, where infection with the new coronavirus is re-expanding, there is a growing movement to require masks to be worn at schools. This is because the new semester has begun in some areas, and there is growing awareness that masks are needed for face-to-face lessons. Conflicts are deepening between states that ban mandatory requirements and school districts and parents who place importance on infection control measures. 

Southern Virginia announced on the 12th that it will require all students and faculty members from kindergartens to high schools in the state to wear masks indoors. Ask to wear regardless of vaccination status.

Governor Northam sought understanding that “the goal of opening a school and ensuring the safety of students is the same (as well as obligatory and cautious).”

Behind the succession of obligations at schools is the spread of infection by the Indian type (delta type). According to a summary by Johns Hopkins University, the number of newly infected people on the 12th (7-day moving average) exceeded 120,000. It has increased again to nearly half of its peak in January.

According to a survey released by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) on the 11th, 63% of parents agreed with the obligation to wear masks at school for unvaccinated children. However, 69% disagree with parents who support the Republican Party.

In states and regions with strong Republicans, such as Southern Florida, there are many places that respect parents’ decisions and ban school masking obligations. With the arrival of the new semester season, the “mask controversy” is re-occurring among local governments, parents and school officials.

In Salt Lake County, Utah, Midwest, the county’s health authorities overturned a school mask mandate. The state is banned from mandated at the state level. Health officials have reiterated that wearing masks proved to be effective last year at school.

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