Clean up the garage in 30 minutes and throw away ten kinds of waste items

If your garage is piled with many things that are ready to be thrown but not thrown, or are no longer suitable for home use, then your garage will change. It’s a waste library.

Your garage should be a place for cars, bicycles, lawn mowers and gardening tools, not for damaged tools, used electronics or unused lime green paint.

Here is a list of ten items in the garage that you need to throw away.

Take garbage bags and recycling bags now and clean your garage

Newspapers, magazines and catalogs

Emma Gordon, a collation and storage expert at, said that you might no longer read the newspapers, magazines and catalogs that you moved from the room to the garage. Leave those special editions or periodicals you wish to keep, and donate the others or put them in the recycling bin.

Old electronics

The bulky computers, printers or fax machines of the early 1990s are no longer available. Gordon said that the old computers in your garage are not worth your time to repair them. There is a 90% probability that they will not reach the level for daily use. “It is best to find a recycling method and dispose of them. “

Damaged or duplicate tools

You don’t need five hammers, or broken drill bits. May wish to check your toolbox and clean up duplicate or broken tools so that your toolbox will not be too full.

Plastic flowerpot

After the flowers and plants are planted in the garden, the plastic pallets that are included in the gardening stores that contain the flowers and plants are no longer useful. Gordon said: “Unless you are a gardener, there is no reason to keep these trays after transplanting plants. Dispose of them so you don’t have to deal with spiders or small garage animals that make their homes in these containers.”

Throw away old, disposable items from DIY projects

Old paint can

Let’s face it, the weird paint in the garage, you won’t use it to paint the walls of your home. In addition, the paint in the garage may freeze and melt several times, and can no longer be used.

The paint that you think can be used to repair the walls of the room needs to be kept for safekeeping and marked (which room, what color) on the paint can.

Please be careful when cleaning out unnecessary paint cans. If there is paint inside, you cannot throw away the cans directly. You can send them to a hazardous garbage collection point; or pour clean cat litter into a paint can, soak up the remaining paint, and then throw away the cat litter. The empty paint can is recycled.

Unused DIY project materials

Old home improvement DIY project materials can be thrown away. Gordon said that in almost every garage in the United States, there is a cheap aluminum paint tray with dry paint on it, and a matching paint roller in a crumpled grocery bag.

You might think that these used paint items or other DIY tools will still come in handy in the future. But it is very likely that by the next DIY time, we no longer remember these tools and bought new ones again.

The only reason to keep these disposable DIY tools is that we are planning a DIY project and will start working soon.

Old sports equipment

Gordon said that leaking balls in the garage, broken tennis rackets, snowboards, helmets, etc. can all be thrown away. If the child no longer participates in a certain sport, donate the sports equipment that the child does not use to the thrift.

Old shoes and clothes

Gordon said: “I promise you won’t think of the clothes and shoes stored in the garage. “You won’t wear them again, and if the clothes in the garage are not put in airtight boxes, it is likely to be stained with garage odor or dust. At that time, a lot of cleaning work is needed to clean them.

Tape, DVD, VCR (video tape) or other technically obsolete items

Gordon believes that outdated entertainment technology is outdated compared to streaming services. You can make a list of music albums or movies that your family needs and buy digital versions of them.

Streaming media can transfer music, movies or multimedia files to computers, mobile phones, TVs and other mobile devices via the Internet, and play them in real time.

Unused decorations

Those old chairs and outdated holiday decorations that you want to renovate, it is best to send them to the donation point or thrift store. Because if you can’t use it in the near future, you are unlikely to use it in the future.

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