A male cuckoo fell in love with the wife of an American farmer: video

Texas was touched by the behavior of the bird, charming in its impudence, who tried to literally take away the man’s spouse. We are talking about the plantain cuckoo (this species of birds became famous even in Hollywood cartoons, in particular, you could see it in a funny series about a cunning coyote from Warner Brothers ).

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A husband and wife, working on their own farm, suddenly met a male cuckoo. Seeing the lady, the plantain lost his head, and true love flared up in his heart, from the power of which, perhaps, Cupid himself would have retreated.

At first, the plantain sought out and brought the woman gifts in the form of bugs and other insects. Then, apparently realizing that he still could not feed her, the boyfriend decided to resort to more effective rituals, namely, marriage dances. Alas, this also did not work. I went for the bugs again. In vain!

After several attempts, the bird gave up and flew away.

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