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Sweet Tooth

Created by Jim Meekle from Jeff Lemir’s comic book series of the same name, The Boy with the Antlers is an incredible story about a half-human, half-deer boy named Gus. Having spent his entire life in a secluded home in Yellowstone National Park with his father, Gus led a very secluded life. Behind the fence of their refuge, most of humanity died due to the outbreak of a deadly virus. Around the same time that the disease escalated into the pandemic known as the Great Crash, children like Gus were born. This has led many to conclude that the two are related. Will there be a Sweet Tooth season 2?

Gus’s story begins after the death of his father. After a lone traveler named Gepperd rescues Gus from a pair of poachers, a young hybrid boy convinces the vagrant to help him get to the woman he considers his mother. After the premiere, “The Boy with the Antlers” received many positive reviews, critics praised the main plot and the performances of the actors. If you’re wondering if The Boy with the Antlers Season 2 will be released, here’s a look at the latest news on the show’s sequel, including a possible release date, storyline, and cast.

Will there be a Sweet Tooth season 2?

As for Season 2, neither Netflix nor the producers have released an official announcement yet about the extension or cancellation of The Boy with the Antlers . However, the series meets two criteria that have been in high demand in recent years in the film and television industries. It is based on a comic book series and is predominantly a fantasy genre.

Moreover, the first season only covers a fraction of Jeff Lemire’s original work. Thus, there is a lot of material left in the comic series of more than 40 issues that can be adapted in future seasons.

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What’s coming in season 2 of Sweet Tooth?

The Boy with the Antlers

In the season 1 finale, Abbott and his men capture Gus and leave Gepperd for dead. Amy finds the latter and takes him to her new hideout. Aditya regains her faith after meeting Gus and asks to bring another child to him for the procedure. The bear manages to fix the satellite phone and contact Birdie. At Abbott’s facility, Gus learns that he is not alone when he meets Wendy and the other hybrids.

If it’s season 2, Amy and Gepperd will most likely attack the Last Men to save their children. At some point, Wendy will likely reunite with her adoptive sister Bear. Upon learning that Gus has come to Colorado in search of her, Birdie can return to her home. Another wave of illness may occur before Aditya can develop a cure.

The Bear’s connection to Gus’s mother in Alaska is another area to be explored in Season 2, which could reveal the origin of the virus and provide more information on possible treatments.

Lemir’s comic is more spiritual and prophetic in nature. But Netflix is ​​also leaning towards the scientific path with experimental drugs. So it will be interesting to know what comes next on this adventure.

Sweet Tooth season 2

Released season 2 “The Boy with the Antlers”

The series “Boy with antlers” season 2: the expected release date of new episodes in mid-2022. The second season, most likely, will also consist of 8 episodes, like the first.

Netflix has invested heavily in science fiction series in recent years. The Witcher , Chilling Adventures of Sabrina , and Ragnarok are all great examples, and each has received multiple seasons. If “The Boy with the Antlers” manages to repeat the success of the aforementioned shows, it will only be a matter of time before extending it for a second season. If this happens in the next few months, expect The Boy with the Antlers season 2 to release sometime in mid-2022.

Season 2 actors

  • In the first season, Christian Convery plays Gus;
  • Nonso Anosi as Thomas Gepperd;
  • Stephanie LaVie Owen as Bear, leader of the pro-hybrid group;
  • Adil Akhtar as Aditya Singh, a doctor seeking medicine to save his wife;
  • Dania Ramirez as Amy, a retired therapist who builds a hybrid shelter;
  • Will Forte as Pubba or Richard Fox, Gus’s father;
  • Aliza Vellani as Rani, wife of Aditya, and Neil Sandilands as General Stephen Abbott, leader of the Last Men militia.

The first season also featured – Naledi Murray as Wendy, Amy’s adopted daughter; and Amy Seymets as Birdie; the scientist who created Gus in the laboratory. In addition, actor James Brolin acts as the narrator. Forte’s character dies in the pilot episode. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t be part of the cast for Season 2. He could continue to appear in flashback scenes. The rest of the actors are likely to play their roles again.

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