Scenes from Married Life Release Date 2021 Update

Scenes from Married Life Release Date
Original name:Scenes from a Marriage
Number of episodes:five
Producer:Hagai Levy
Actors:Nicole Bahari, Jessica Chastain, Tova Feldshuh
Duration:42 minutes
Ratings:imdb -, movie search

The cult Swedish director Ingmar Bergman made history with many films, but the most significant is the Scenes from Marriage, created as a mini-series. The idea for the series came to the author after observing the development of the relationship between his wife and ex-husband. The show tells about a married couple who have been married for 10 years. They decide to divorce due to fatigue, but understand that their feelings have not cooled down. Divorce only inflames the heroes and forces them to work on the marriage. In 2020, HBO ordered a remake of the show, and the episode of Scenes from Married Life will be released in September 12, 2021.

The filming of the project was entrusted to Hagai Levy, this is not his first series for HBO, but his most famous work is Lovers. The main roles in the show were played by Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac. The actors have already played together and they are a good creative tandem. Unlike the original, the action will unfold in the modern world – in the United States. The rest, according to the authors, will remain unchanged. The series will be intimate, like the original, and most of the time on the screen, viewers will see the main characters going through a divorce and thinking about how to fix the situation.

For Ingmar Bergman, the film became so significant that he called his favorite actors for the main roles, and at the end of his career he shot a sequel that tells about the life of the characters in adulthood. The history of Marianne and Johan is long-standing. He is a professor at the university, and she is a specialist in divorce proceedings. The heroes are familiar from their institute times, but over the years of marriage they have forgotten about those bright moments.

When they visit a family of friends, they see that their marriage is crumbling. This leads them to believe that they are in a similar position. This will be followed by a deterioration in relations, which will be shown in the remake of the cult picture. The release date of the series Scenes from Married Life is set for September 12, 2021.

The crisis in the marriage of Johan and Marianne led to treason, which resulted in a divorce. But this only spurred the heroes to think about their disagreements and problems, which allowed the couple to ultimately save the family. The original show was released in 6 episodes, telling about the different years of the heroes’ lives. According to the creators of the remake, they followed a similar pattern during development. The released trailer for the show did not give an exact date, but did provide a first look at the main characters.


Scenes from Married Life Season 1 episodes release schedule

Name:Release date:
Season 1 Episode 1September 12, 2021
1 × 209/19/2021
1 × 310/26/2021
1 × 410/03/2021
1 × 510/10/2021

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