Heels Release date Cast, Plot, Trailer and More

Heels Release date
Original name:Heels
Genre:drama, sports
Number of episodes:eight
Producer:Peter Segal, Jessica Laurie
Actors:Stephen Amell, Kelly Burglund, Nigel Crocker
Duration:42 minutes
Ratings:imdb – movie search 

Service Starz has announced the completion of work on a new drama titled Heels. The series Heels release date will take place on August 15, 2021. The show will be the first for actor Stephen Amell after the Arrow was shut down. His screen counterpart is Alexander Ludwig, known to viewers from the Vikings TV series. In the story, they will play brothers who want to revive the once popular sport of Wrestling in the American outback. To do this, the guys will have to build an arena on their own and become the first fighters on it. The brothers decide to follow the canons and choose roles – one will be a good guy, and the other a villain, thus a “heel”.

To tell the truth, it won’t be long to wait, because the release date for the new series of “Heels” is already scheduled for August 15, 2021, don’t miss it! 

The desire to engage in an ancient sport arises after the brothers, dissatisfied with the wilting of the town, recall the old days, when some of the best fighters of Wrestling came from here and the town was on everyone’s lips. The guys decide to return the interest of the Americans, but whether their idea is successful, viewers will be able to see after the release. Release date – August 15, 2021. The series consists of eight episodes and is announced as a drama. The script for the project was written by Michael Valdron, he previously wrote the Loki show and the new part of the film about Doctor Strange. It was directed by Mike O’Malley and created the show Shameless.

Plot and other information

Heels is an American drama project about two brothers who decided to revive wrestling in a small town. The idea arose among men for a reason – their deceased father was engaged in wrestling, and the heroes decided to show him respect.

In the idea, the Giles “act out” the battles in the best traditions of the American police station, where there is always a good cop and a bad cop. Among the brothers, there is also a positive and negative character . And everything goes smoothly with Heels, but soon Jack and Ace realize that they cannot always leave their images only within the ring – sometimes they seep into ordinary life.

The development of the picture has been carried out since 2017 and just the other day a trailer for the series “Hily” was released, the release date of which will take place on August 15, 2021. What is the reason for the prolonged production is unclear, but it is possible that Heels also fell victim to the coronavirus.

Viewers after watching the trailer for “Hilov” added the picture to their bookmarks so as not to miss the release date. But this is not connected with the storyline, but with the cast of actors. For the key roles, “Heels” have selected incredible performers, in the opinion of the public. So, Jack will be played by Stephen Amell – known for the TV series “Arrow”, and his brother Ace will be portrayed by Alexander Ludwig from “Vikings”. But the surprises of Heels do not end there. The showrunner will be Mike O’Malley, who previously contributed to Shameless.

After a short acquaintance with the upcoming premiere, it’s time to remind you of the main information – you will find the release dates of all “Heels” episodes in our schedule, so it is simply impossible to miss the premiere. By the way, in addition to Ludwig and Amell, other talented actors were invited to participate – Alison Luff, Allen Maldonado, James Harrison and others.

Heels Release date

Amell in a familiar role

Future fans should know that Hila is a familiar habitat for Ammel. First, the man has always been a fan of wrestling, so the Heels atmosphere is clear to him. Secondly,the actor himself entered the ring, and in 2015 he took part in a team match in the form of the Green Arrow.

Before “Heels” Ludwig did not have such a rich experience in the ring – we will watch him after the premiere. Well, if you do not know who the Hills are, then after the release date of the series, you will definitely find out – get ready for a complete immersion in the dramatic story and experience for the heroes, because fate has prepared a bunch of trials for them.

Heels Season 1 episodes release schedule

Name:Release date:
Season 1 Episode 1August 15, 2021
1 × 208/22/2021
1 × 308/29/2021
1 × 409/05/2021
1 × 509/12/2021
1 × 609/19/2021
1 × 709/03/2021
1 × 803.10.2021

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