How to wash a baseball cap (easy way) at home

how to wash baseball cap

In the cold winter, wearing a baseball cap has become the choice of many friends, not only beautiful but also cold-proof, why not do it? However, when the hat is always dirty, cleaning becomes a hassle. This is especially true for hats without a hat support. Then, how should baseball caps be cleaned, and how should the washed hats be restored if they are degenerate? Don’t worry, I will tell you. In this article we will see how to wash baseball cap.

Whether by hand, in the dishwasher or washing machine: this is how you wash your baseball cap correctly. Just follow the instructions!

Outside, the sun is beating down and it is impossible to venture out of the house without a hat. You quickly grab the cap and want to go when you realize: it stinks of sweat and needs to be washed again. No problem! Use these methods to remove stains, odors, and dirt from your favorite hat.

Check the cap for color fastness

Before you start cleaning the cap in any of the ways presented below, you should first test its color fastness. To do this, take a damp white cloth or sturdy kitchen towels and rub it over an area that is not visible (for example on the inside). If the color is transferred to the cloth, it can be assumed that the hat is not colourfast. In this case, cleaning it can ruin the hat.

How to hand wash a baseball cap

All you need is detergent, a toothbrush and plain water to clean your baseball cap.

  1. First moisten the cap.
    Tip : For particularly stubborn stains, you can treat the cap with a stain remover beforehand.
  2. Now put the detergent in a bowl and dip the toothbrush in it. Then work on the dirt selectively with the detergent and the toothbrush.
    Tip : A softer bristle thickness is recommended for sensitive caps so that the surface is not damaged.
  3. Then rinse off the detergent with clear water until the cap is clean.
  4. Pat them dry with a towel and let air dry.
    Tip : To ensure that the hat keeps its shape when it dries, you can inflate a balloon in it that fills the head recess or put it on a bowl or another cap.

Remove odor

If the cap smells of sweat, you can soak it briefly in a bath of detergent and water to remove the odor. After that, you should ventilate them well.

Remove the sweat from the baseball cap

Not all sweat stains can be removed with the tips above. Old sweat marks in particular can be particularly stubborn. In this case, regular hair shampoo or baking soda will help. Mix the baking powder with water to form a toothpaste-like cleaning compound. Baking powder also removes unpleasant odors by the way. Apply the shampoo as described above and then wash it off. The baking soda mixture should soak in for a few minutes before removing it. Then rinse the hat well with water to wash off any residue. Now stuff a towel into the hat and let it dry. You can also use hydrogen peroxide  ( AD ) to remove yellow sweat stains from white hats.

White hats use

how to wash baseball cap

In fact, baseball caps can also be washed in the dishwasher, as long as it has a low temperature wash cycle of no more than 40 degrees.

To ensure that the cap retains its shape during the wash cycle, you should place it on a mat. Round bowls are very suitable for this. It is best to place them in the upper compartment so that no food scraps can drip down on them.

What should you watch out for?

  • If you want to be on the safe side, check the label on the inside of your hat, there you will find tips on how to best clean it.
  • Be sure to use a detergent that does not contain any bleaching substances , otherwise the color of the hat may fade.
  • For more stability when washing in the dishwasher, there are special grid brackets that keep the shape.
  • Make sure that the heat drying of the dishwasher is not enabled. Too much heat could change the shape.

Note : Despite all precautionary measures, the cap may be bent or even shrunk after washing. Washing them by hand is always the gentler and safer method.

Wash a baseball cap with cardboard inlay

Cardboard is rarely found in baseball caps, but with older models it can happen that it is built into the shield. In this case, you should be particularly careful when washing and only clean them by hand. Never let the cap get too wet and only remove the stains selectively.

Wash the cap in the washing machine

The washing machine is not exactly the first choice when it comes to cleaning hats. As a result of the spinning and the resulting collision with the laundry drum, the hat can be totally deformed after the wash cycle. At high temperatures there is also the risk that the hat will shrink or fade. Therefore, always check the inside label of the hat and strictly adhere to the cleaning instructions listed there. Caps with a cardboard inlay must never be washed in the washing machine. If in doubt, always use a gentle cycle at a temperature of 30 degrees with a low spin speed and check the hat beforehand, as described above, for color fastness.

Never dry in heat

Never dry hats at too high a heat, whether in the dryer, the dishwasher or on the heater. There is a risk here that the shape will change or it will shrink. Instead, tuck a towel into the hats and let them air dry.


Unlike clothing, baseball caps are hard to come up with as an option for cleaning.

That’s why, many people want to wash it in the washing machine, and I often hear stories of failures such as deformation, discoloration, and loss of shape after washing.

A baseball cap that is destined to get dirty and covered with dirt and turn brown soon, but I want to let children use it in the whitest and cleanest possible condition.

If you are more afraid that you never want to fail, send it out for cleaning even if it costs a little.

I hope this article will be useful as a bean knowledge of your life .

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